Demonstrate Higher Value with a Photographic Memory


Here is an interstesting short piece by Mystery. The guy really does think of everything.

Demonstrate Higher Value with a Photographic Memory by MysteryI have a cute little IC recorder. Press RECORD and just like a tape
recorder, it records your voice. Press record again and it stops
recording. That recording is an audio file all on its own, separate
from other recordings.

OK, so … hide it in your hand and secretly press record.

tell her you will remember her #. she will tell you the # and you will
repeat it louder so you get a good recording of it. dont tell her you
recorded it.

she will be impressed that you actually remembered her #. You can tell
her you have a photographic memory and this demonstration will “prove

this is SEX MAGIC. A secret demonstration of your mind power to make
her impressed with you and therefore attracted to you.


PS: ssssh! dont tell anyone you dont have photographic memory like I

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One Comment

  1. Seraf24

    January 4, 2008 at 11:25 pm

    This is GOLD.

    You can also use a regular voice recorder with a mic attached. Make sure the mic is able to pick it up. Otherwise, you’re fucked.

    I actually accidentally did this today when I number closed this girl while recording my conversations. I could barely hear her number in my recording.

    But now I can use it as a routine!


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