Its Saturday Night Do You Know Where Your Girlfriend Is?


I’ve come to the conclusion that Saturday is the better of the two weekend nights to go out looking to score. My reasoning:

Friday nights seem to be girls/guys night out. Saturday seems to be the night couples spend together. Even for me when I was in relationships, Friday night would be the night I hung out with my friends… Saturday was Blockbuster night with the old lady.

My point. Fridays are the busier of the two nights for sure. But many of the girls out on a Friday have boyfriends they can’t wait to spend Saturday with.

Saturday though is filled with the dick hungry chicas who couldn’t bear to sit in alone on a Saturday night. These are the easiest. If they’ve got a boyfriend they’re probably with them Saturday, so if she’s out with the girls… there is a reason!

Take Advantage of this advice and go out tonight and score won for the team!

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