Nikki Cappelli and The 10 Best Super Bowl Commercials of all Time


Nikki Cappelli still rules the Superbowl

The Super Bowl commercials have been rather week the last couple years. is usually the only bright spot, as they continually push the envelop with new exciting hotties ever year.

10 Best Super Bowl Commercials

1. Peta’s Banned Veggi Commercial


2. The Nikki Cappelli Wadrobe Malfunction Godaddy


3. Bud Light Skinny Dip


4. Bud Light Sex Tape


5. I did your mother


6. Adriana Lima Victoria Secret Ad


7. Candice Michelle Go Daddy


8. Young Sexy Britney Spears Pepsi


9. Sexy Bikini Tabasco Girl


10. Carmen Electra Fan


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