Video of the Day: Way Too Close Calls!


Ever have one of those days where you’re just sitting there, bored out of your mind, and you get a little bit depressed just because you have nothing to do and no one to talk to? And then something extraordinary happens — like, say, getting a smile from a girl at the grocery store — and you get a little more of a jump to your step and a new-found respect for life? Well, take that feeling and multiply it by about one million for all of the people in the following video.

The 9-minute-ish compilation shows a whole bunch of close brushes that people have had with death. Sometimes, it’s cars being hurtled at them and they manage to duck just in time. Other times, it’s trains barreling down on them and, somehow, they escape. The point is, whenever you’re feeling down, just imagine you’re one of these people, live vicariously through them and get back to loving being alive.

About Rick Mosely

Rick is the editor for TSB magazine.

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