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3 Tips to Improve Your Dating Life Right Now


Don’t Blow It

One of the biggest challenges guys face when it comes to dating is that their lifestyle actually gets in the way of meeting women. When they do actually meet a woman they like, they get needy, because she is likely the only one they met that month, or even that year. So on the rare occasions that you do meet women, you blow it, because you put too much pressure on her and yourself.

When you can create a lifestyle where women are plentiful and easy to talk to, you will have an abundance-mentality. By having more options, you won’t get as nervous and needy when you meet women that you actually like.

So let’s talk about how to streamline your lifestyle so that you are around attractive women and feel comfortable talking to them.

Step 1 – Adjust Your Shopping Habits

Prime shopping hours – for clothes, groceries, etc. – are on Fridays and Saturdays, from about 4pm to 7pm. Sure it may be more crowded, and traffic may be heavier, but there will be a lot of women around. You can kill two birds with one stone – meet women and get your shopping done – so it balances out. Also shop in areas where attractive women are likely to go. Trader Joes and Whole Foods attract more women than your average grocery store. Go to higher-end shopping districts, in trendier parts of town. You can still find deals, but you will also be around hot women.

Step 2 – Adjust Your Social Habits

Another way to be like Norm

Another way to be like Norm

Get in the habit of making eye contact and saying “Hello” to strangers. Make small talk with clerks, bus drivers, anybody you can throughout the day. When you feel comfortable saying “Hi, how are you?” to a stranger, it will be easier to talk to an attractive woman. Just do what you’ve been doing to everyone else! Taking this a step further, after saying “Hi,” ask “How is your day going?” Then look at the person as if you actually care. This is the kind of calm, but genuinely interested vibe you want to create with women. Practice this interest as much as possible.

Step 3 – Be A Regular

Pick places – bars, restaurants, cafes, a gym, etc – that attract a lot of women. Then become a regular. Talk to the staff, and become a familiar face. This will not only help your confidence when you see a cute girl in the place, but when she sees that everyone knows and likes you, she will be more attracted to you. This is called social-proof and it’s really effective, yet super easy.

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  2. Tom

    November 8, 2010 at 9:31 pm

    How ironic. This site has this article and promotes going to a bar and then has another article about the problems with drinking….lol

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