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Must-Read: Manliest Cooking Experiences

By on April 21, 2011

One of my earliest memories is heading over to my aunt and uncle’s house for a family party. They were a

Cooking a whole pig

little more well-off than we were, so they’d host a large amount of parties for their friends and family. And not a single get together would go by without my uncle standing next to the open fire pit, rotating the whole pig over the heat, making sure every side was roasted to perfection. While I have yet to perform the act myself just yet — not having a “yard” or “place to roast a full pig” has something to do with that — it is on my cooking Bucket List.

Which brings us to this amazing article we ran across today. In it, goes down the most manly cooking experiences around. Including, yes, of course, roasting a pig on a spit.

No.3 Roast a whole animal

Just about every culture has a tradition of roasting a whole animal, particularly at a time of celebration. Some countries will roast hogs, others goats or sheep and, in the case of the Argentinian Gauchos, even a whole steer. Not only is the sight of an animal cooking on a spit over a fire undeniably impressive, and slicing off huge chunks of flesh with a sharp knife will make you feel like the ultimate man’s man.

So then, folks. Did they miss anything?

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