P.O.W. (Oh Hai, Isabela Edition)

Isabela Scontini

Pimp-It-Out Wednesday

Brosome introduces us to the incredibly hot Brazilian supermodel Isabela Soncini.

Mankind Unplugged gives you the top 4 signs you’re about to get dumped.

A Blog 4 Guys tells you how to seduce women with humor and cockiness.

Manosterone gives us 6 great years to bro down with your girlfriend’s husband.

The Campus Socialite introduces why ESPN the Magazine and South Park should be in control of college sports.

Heavy.com broadcasts this surprisingly incredible cover of Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android” by Weezer.

Check out these 25 Dating Advice blogs on First Dates and Flirting.

BroBible offers some advice for using (and not using) fake ID websites.

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