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Must-Read: Crazy Getting Laid Stories


Henry VIII needs to get his piece

There’s an argument to be made that every accomplishment in the history of mankind has been in order to impress a woman. Guys do some pretty insane things to get laid. Personally, I’ve driven over 6 hours (each way!) in order to have about an hour tryst with a lady. Am I proud of this? Probably not. BUT, this ranks on the very sane side of the scale regarding the crazy things that guys do to get laid.

In this fascinating little piece over at called, appropriately enough, “The 7 Craziest Things Ever Done To Get Laid,” the site goes through the insane extremes that guys go through just to get a little action. For instance, the famous story of Henry VIII, who went ahead and started a new religion just to get laid. (There is an argument to be made, this is really the reason that any religion has ever been made.)

Henry, however, was kind of used to getting his own way and decided to just go ahead and marry Anne anyway. To legitimize the marriage, he passed a whole bunch of acts and proclamations giving himself more and more power over the Church of England, eventually breaking off all ties with the Pope and forming the Anglican Communion. In the process, he repossessed all the monasteries in England, Wales, and Ireland and executed a whole bunch of people who disagreed with his divorce.

So, yeah. Pretty great stuff. This one is number 3 on the list, by the way. There’s another two that are actually crazier!

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