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Must-Read: GQ’s Hot Women


Sometimes we realize that we kind of front-load the week with galleries of hot women. We’re sorry, but that’s just how we feel after a long weekend without the Internet. So we’re been trying to utilize this Friday space as a way to keep you fellas satiated through the weekend by linking to a few galleries of hot women. The one this week that caught our eye, this amazing little set over at that has the hottest women that have graced their pages so far this year. How amazing is this list?

This is Olivia Munn. She’s listed at 20. We are scared to actually see the remaining 19 because, really, look at her!

Olivia Munn

Alright, fine. We’ll look at a few more of them. Oh, man. Here’s Gisele:


So yeah. If you want to see the rest, head over to the link. We can’t lose an entire day just sitting here oogling these women, however much we’d like to.

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