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Flake Proof Online Dating

By on June 15, 2011

The first date that I made with a girl from an online dating site didn’t pan out so well. In fact, she didn’t even show up!

Luckily, this kind of flaking is rare. The more common type of flaking that you will likely have to overcome is girls who email you a couple times and then disappear. Or girls who give you there number but then don’t pick up or can’t commit to a date. This type of flakiness can be a real pain in the ass. However, when you know how to combat it, it’s quite simple to overcome.

In this article I’m gonna talk about how you can eliminate the major forms of flaking:

1. Girls Going MIA Online

Don't let her flake

I’ve coached guys who had this happen to them all the time. They’d email a girl, get a response, and then when they emailed her back … nothing. It’s discouraging because once you’ve got a live one on the line it’s easy to start anticipating a date with her and get yourself all psyched up only to be let down.

This typically occurs because, unfortunately, your follow up email kinda sucked. The remedy is to send a kick ass message as soon as possible after she emails you. This keeps the momentum going strong so that she doesn’t lose interest and move onto the next “shiny object.”

2. Girls Who Don’t Pick Up The Phone

I strongly recommend calling girls to line up first dates rather than texting. Especially when you meet her online, it’s like why text her. Emailing is practically the same thing!

It’s also important to get her on the phone so that you can double check that she is normal and datable and can carry on a conversation. Once you start getting a bunch of numbers online you will also probably talk to some girls that you won’t want to date after talking to them on the phone for a couple minutes. But that being said, the first step is getting her to accept your call.

My easy trick for this is too call her as soon as possible after she has given me the number. Ideally you can email and get her number while she is online so that she will be expecting your call. Also, don’t give up on girls who don’t pick up or return your call right away. Be patient, if she hasn’t gotten back to you for a few days just call back or if you see that she is online, email her and give her shit for flaking.

3. Girls Who Can’t Commit To A Date

This kind of flakiness can be really annoying. I mean, you’ve got her on the freaking phone for Pete’s sake and she’s spouting some nonsense about how busy she is with homework or how her friend is coming to town. I say KILL THAT NOISE!

The second you sense that a girl is giving you the run around it’s time to flip the script on her ass! I love saying something like “Okay, well why don’t you give me a call when your schedule clears up a bit,” and make like I’m about to get off the phone. Nine times out of ten she’ll suddenly remember that she really does have a free night for you. Shit test, passed.

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