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Top 10 Movie Classics Men Must See Before They Die


I’m sure most of you guys have seen a lot of the best, coolest and most exciting movies of the last 5-10 years. But, when it comes to this topic, a movie Time Machine is required. Here we go:

10. “Hud”

We all know that women like “bad boys,” or at least guys who act like bad boys. With “Hud,” Paul Newman set the bar pretty high as a bad boy role model. Hud’s primary interests are women, women, women and business, sort of. While you may not fill a pair of jeans as well as Paul, the smirk, and  slouchy walk, CAN be learned.

9. “The Big Sleep”:

For any young man in the today’s world, the combining of business and sex can be a tricky matter. Although Humphrey Bogart was short, skinny and kind of homely, he had the screen confidence to pull this feat off.

8. “Forbidden Planet”:

Before “Star Wars” and “Aliens,” “Forbidden Planet” combined sci-fi action, and FX, in a way never seen before.  Even more mind blowing after a few shots.

7. “Casablanca”:

With action, romance and a topical subject, “Casablanca,” one of hundreds of movies Warner Brothers churned out the same year, became an instant hit and a timeless classic.


While some favor “Gone With the Wind,” I see “Giant” as Hollywood’s best epic drama. James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson were never better as oil people trapped in a sticky triangle.

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