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Must-Read: Don’t Grill Stupidly


Don't grill a pinata, obviously.

There’s still a few more calendar days of hot summer weather to take advantage of, folks. And what does that mean? Breaking out the grill for one last spin, having some friends over and throwing some meat hardcore on that sucker and grill like a motherfucker. But if you would still consider yourself a newby to the grilling profession, if you wouldn’t yet place yourself in the category of “hardcore grilling master sergeant,” then perhaps you should head over to Men’s Health in order to read their article on the 5 worst grilling mistakes you could make. For example:

Don’t skimp on sauce
Dunk your meat in barbecue sauce after it cooks and you’re missing an opportunity to heighten the flavors of the sauce. Instead, apply the sauce throughout the cooking process if the meat begins to look dry. “If you’re constantly coating the piece of meat in sauce, you’re adding layer upon layer of flavor, and the sauce won’t burn,” says Lang. “Baste. Let the sauce reduce. Repeat.”

Makes sense, right? You don’t want to be seen as a grilling virgin when you have people over, so make sure to click on the link to read the rest of them. They are, as you’d imagine, vitally important to your grilling life.

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