Stacy Kiebler Gets the Clooney Bump


Stacy Kiebler lying on a bed

We don’t have much to say on the actual topic of Stacy Keibler other than to say: (a) she’s really attractive; (b) she is the latest to get what folks are calling the Clooney Bump. How this works is George Clooney, being the player that he is, every now and then, gets sick of the girl he is dating and ends it. There is some kind of implicit understanding with the girl beforehand that, at some point, this is going to happen. Clooney is not one who can be tamed. And so, he breaks up with the girl, no hard feelings, and the two adults go their separate ways. But then, days later, another lass will get the arm of Clooney at the various red carpet events, making her his new gal. And she will have gotten the Clooney Bump. Now, her name will be known to the housewives across America who are obsessed with reading the tabloids and her fame will have risen ten-fold. This is the Clooney Bump. That said, who really cares about all this. Let’s just see some hot photos of the latest bumped, former WWE-gal Stacy Kiebler.

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