Brooklyn Decker Blows Away Our Expectations


Brooklyn Decker on a bed

So, What To Expect When You’re Expecting… let’s be honest here for a second. It truly looks like a movie we’re never going to see. From the mess of a photoshop billboard that has been ridiculed from every angle since it was first released, to the ads that made it look like a the worst Oprah Book Of the Month Club offering around, to the fact that they’re trying to “funny up” an instructional manual in the first place. If we somehow end up watching this movie, it will be because we are on our deathbed and our TV remote ran out of batteries. But, that said, looking through the cast, and there are quite a few lovely ladies in this film. Cameron Diaz. Jennifer Lopez. Elizabeth Banks. All of these are among the best-looking ladies around. But the one that we’re even more pleased at seeing (or not, seeing as we’re NEVER SEEING THIS MOVIE) is the lovely Brooklyn Decker. Why do we feel so? Peruse the gallery below and you’ll understand.

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