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How to: Get a Girl to Take Naked Pictures


What guy wouldn’t like to get a sexy little surprise from their girl every now and then?   From a quick snapshot to a full on photo session, pictures are a racy little way for her to let you know what’s on her mind.  BUT don’t be surprised if she’s less than enthusiastic at first.  It’s only natural for her to be worried about her privacy – she doesn’t want anything plastered all over the internet if things don’t work out between the two of you.

Whether or not she takes the photos, she makes the rules.  Here are a few ways to make her feel a little more comfortable with it.

Make sure she “knows” that whatever is taken will be kept between the two of you.  As much as she loves your buddies, I’m sure she would prefer them NOT to see her in skimpy clothes and suggestive poses.

These pics are for your eyes only! (Not to mention the fact that if she’s under 18, those pics could equal some serious trouble.)

When she’s snapping the photos, it’s up to her to determine how she wants to tease you.  If she’s not willing to take it all off, don’t force the subject.  Be happy with lacy bras and stockings… they’re just a taste of what you’ll get, and when you see her you won’t want to take your hands off of her 😉

If you’re the photographer, make her feel like she’s a star.  She may be into having her own personal photo shoot… the better she feels, the more she will reveal!  Tell her how hot she looks…. You never know what this little adventure will lead to!

Oh and feel free to reciprocate… Guys aren’t the only ones that want a little reminder to look back on!

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