Tip #7: Health & energy

In “10 Essentials of Highly Healthy People”, expert Dr
Larimore, M.D. makes complex medical issues understandable
and accessible.

In chapter two, Dr Larimore talks about the four wealth of
health. The four parts are “the physical, the emotional, the
relational and the spiritual parts.

Here again, the magical word is balance. Balance between
what we eat and what we drink, what we do as a physical
activity, how much we rest and how much we eliminate.

When you’re in a good shape and when you eat wisely and
frugally, your body is stronger and you feel stronger.
Therefore, you behave differently. Your posture is
different, your breathing too.

As your physiology is different, your emotions will be different
as well. You would feel more secure, at peace and self-

As your emotions become stronger and more positive, your
thoughts become so. You become a master of your own body and
your own soul. Self-mastery is the key skill to success in

A lot of people don’t seem to see the relation between
eating good (balanced food) and high self-confidence, but
the thing is that this is an essential and fundamental part
of your self confidence.

Resolve right now to eat frugally and wisely. Drink a lot
every day and exercise.

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