Some Women Just Want Sex

This is from Swingcat, author of the great book, Real World Seduction.

I want to share a secret with you that will blow your

Warning: What I’m about to reveal might cause you to
feel a bit uncomfortable. If it does, then it’s crucial
that you start using this secret immediately.

If you already have truck loads of experience
with women you’ll probably be thinking to yourself,
“Finally someone let the cat out of the bag -amen!”

If you’re a woman reading this, you might say to
yourself, “No! – Now the male world is going
to be privy to the truth.”

Many men who have spent time in the single scene
trenches have encountered a woman feeling ATTRACTION
toward them…yet when they went in for the kiss she
pushed them away.

Almost a hundred percent of the time men respond to
this barrier in the same way, as if they were one
person with one brain.

They think that if a woman won’t kiss them back, their
chances of sleeping with her are nil.

To get sexual with her, they assume, they need
to kiss her first… and to kiss her they need to
build an emotional connection.

Sometimes it’s important to build an emotional
connection, making her feel comfortable with
you, before getting sexual with her.

Other times it’s not.

Situations exist when trying to kiss a woman or
attempting to build an emotional connection with
her will cripple your chances of sleeping with her.

The problem is…

Men intuitively think that in order to sleep with a
woman they need to go through a linear sequence of

When women put up resistance, many men construe it as
a barrier they must break down to progress to the
next step. This usually ensues in more resistance.

So this begs the question: “What is the secret way,
Swinggcat, for handling women who like you but will
not kiss you?”

I discovered this secret years ago while out one
night with a woman lumbered with one of the most
perfect bodies I have ever seen.

She was wearing low cut jeans. As she walked her
jeans began to slip down… down down they slipped,
down around the cheeks of her rear, a perfect rim of
thing, held up by the crotch of her pants.

Not only was I aroused, but focused on my goal:
To score with this luscious *babe*.

I managed to get her into my bedroom. We sat
and talked on my bed. I stared at her low cut top
and thought, “She’s really working those breasts
in there, bouncy bouncy.”

We laid down and started cuddling.

I went in for the kill, smacking my lips against hers.

And guess what?

She pushed me away, plummeting my self esteem to a
negative 10.

I made a few tragic tries at connecting with her. Then
I attempted – again! – to go in for the kiss.

But to my chagrin, she pushed me away, turned her back
on me, and chirped, “I’m going to bed.”

I thought, “Lucky me.. I get to ‘sleep’ with a girl
tonight. Not have sex. Just sleep.”

I felt, like most guys would, that because she
wouldn’t kiss me, it was impossible proceed to *sex*
with her.

Then I accidentally stumbled onto something that
changed my life for the better…

As she was sleeping (or maybe pretending to sleep) on
my bed I spooned her from behind.

No resistance.

Then I started rubbing her thighs.

Still no resistance.

Next I unbuttoned her pants.

No resistance and I hadn’t even kissed her.

So I lowered her pants and started stimulating her
with my fingers. She, began gyrating her hips, moving
herself up and down and around on my fingers.

Then I put on a condom and had *sex* with her from

Afterwards I tried to kiss her and she pushed me away.


Here’s the lesson to take from this story…

Just because a woman resists being intimate with
you, doesn’t mean she isn’t open to sleeping with you.

And sometimes trying to emotionally connect with a
woman will only make her resist more.

Am I saying, all women don’t want an
emotional connection? Not at all – many do.

There are, however, a lot of women closed
to emotionally connecting with a stranger…yet will
jump in the sack with one in a heart beat.

So, if you find yourself confronted with a barrier,
back up and assess the sort of woman you are dealing
with before proceeding further.

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