Closing the Deal on Dates

How to close for a kiss, a fuck, or another date 

Power Closes are one of MOST IMPORTANT steps to getting laid. You can be superior at all the other steps and techniques, but if you can not close, and ask for a call to action (a date, a number, some time together right now, a kiss…etc) then there is no way you gonna get laid, except by luck ofcourse, lol.

The three steps to closing a chick are:

1. Recognising the Time to Close
2. Deciding on Your Closing Technique
3. Making the Closing Statement

The only way to recognize the time to close, you need to pay close attention to your prey. Needless to say, your value needs to have been created in her mind first. She must realize the irrisistable seductiveness, the smoothness, the desire, the warmth, the comfort and the magnetism. If you cannot show her, or create in her your value, you lose and there is no way she’s going to ever see you as a potential sex partner or open her legs to you. When this happens learn from it and realize that the reason that happens is because YOU CLOSE TOO EARLY.

Another pitfall, guys, is to close too late. Some guys talk too much instead of closing the deal. You want to close while she’s still excited and enthusiastic about your dress, your style, your smile, the way you hypnotize her with your patterns…whatever… you will be very disappointed if you dont, because now she has probably stopped giggling, the conversation is becomming awkward and she will definitely turn you down. Watch her state and see the opportunity. In fact the whole time you are with her you should be looking for that window of opportunity to close so you can get laid. Dont forget the reason youre even talking to her – recognize YOUR end value and keep it constantly in your mind. Closing (getting her number, getting her in bed etc) is the only reason you are there, [you pervert :)] and if you recognize your objective you will seek every oppotunity to close.

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Your closing needs to be smooth, reassuring and delivered with confidence. This is not a time for Umms and Ahhs. Once you have decided top make the close, and you’re confident about your technique, there are some considerations that you should understand so as to be successful:

1) Stay in your normal discussion mode and tone. Don’t telegraph what you are going to do by a change in posture or tone of voice.
* Remember that you are asking for the order but don’t pressure for a sale. Move slowly but deliberately to the next step in the process, if there is one.
* Don’t discount the failure, (if you fail) learn from it and do better next time. Ask questions if the close fails to determine what went wrong and see if you can salvage the situation (the more high pressure the close you use, the more you are going to have to work to retrieve the situation).

Okay, here we go: The main reason women say “no” is a fear. They say “no” even if they want you to the point of getting wet. If she says “no,” you have to create more value in yourself, or build up the required state and close again. In order to do this, you must have more than one close to use. Otherwise, they will leave and go fuck some other guy.

Straight-forward Close:Try to be as matter of fact and straightforward as possible. “I’d like to take you out sometime, can I have your home phone number?” will do just fine. If you want to be a little slicker, hand her a pen and a card and say, “Magic seven digits, please.” That’s a bit more inventive, and inventiveness never hurts.

THE TEASE: – With this close, you operate as if you absolutely knew the girl wanted to desperately sleep with you, but you are determined to hold out till the last possible minute and to enjoy teasing her all evening.

The Power of Suggestion Close: “Imagine us at the Starbucks coffee shop laughing together and having a good time, and later us being at home feeling that we had a really good time and you enjoyed yourself spending time together with me over coffee. Now when you think about what I am saying, and all those feelings that I am talking about, doesn’t it just make sense that we go and have coffee together now?”

Do This: Lean into her as you talk as if you are about to kiss her. Then you MOVE AWAY. Get up and fix yourself a drink, or go to the bathroom. When you play with her mind like this, she won’t know what to think. And when you put her in that state of mind, she’s much more pliable and less likely to resist you.

A good tactic: is to wait until she says something funny, and then reach over and brush the side of her face with the OUTSIDE of your hand. Then say something like, “You’re such a funny lady.” Do this slowly and deliberately, looking in her eyes the whole time. Then PULL AWAY.

The Direct Close: (high risk, she could say “no”, and now you have to prove her wrong.) The obvious and most frequently used close (mostly by supplicatorsd) is the direct approach of asking for the number. Once you are sure in your mind that you have done everything possible to overcome objections, and if you feel that shes still , go for it. “If we want to continue this conversation another time, I will need your phone number, here is my pen.”

The Either Or Close: The more options you give someone, the better your chances to close.”Our truck is in this area twice a week, do want delivery on Wednesday or Friday?” “Do you want this charged to your Visa or MasterCard?” “I’ll be in your area this friday and saturday, which would be a better night for us to catch up and have coffee (remember to look straight into her eyes, dont blink)?” These choices require a commitment and “no” is not an option!

The Chain Hook: The chain hook close builds a chain of “yes’s” to questions you ask to help lead her into saying yes to the close. To put her in the habit of saying yes, ask questions you’re sure will get affirmative answers. EG. You’re confident about who you are right? And confident people make confident decisions right (shaking your head yes)? Exactly. So im sure you would agree that for you…bla bla bla? etc etc whatever.

The Involved Close: This close gets her involved no matter how much she dont like to talk to strangers 🙂 With it you can also find out if you are on the right path to the goods 🙂 or if you need to change course.
The great thing about this close is that it dosent end all but instead tells you what direction to go.
A. “That make sense right?”
B. “How do you feel about this so far?”
C. “Is this what you want?”
D. “Can you see yourself experiencing these wonderful feelings?”

Here’s how you end this: While you’re talking, suddenly yawn, look at your watch, and say, “I’m feeling a little bushed. Let’s call it an evening.”
If you’re at your place, you proceed like this: “C’mon. I’ll drive you home.” Make as if you’re really getting to leave. As she stands up from the couch, take her in your arms, and kiss her passionately. It’s the last thing she’ll be expecting, and the unexpected has the best effect.

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