The “Secret” Technique

The Secret Men’s Discussion Technique

A great article about how letting a woman in on a secret can massively build attraction, comfort, and set the stage for the ultimate seduction.  by CR James

Shhhh! Top Secret…
Let’s dive in.
The overall objective is to get more out of life, right? And since sex is good – getting your share of sex means that you are satisfied and happy with your sex life. Always keep the bottom line objective in mind. Doing fun, little sneaky things that will sexually inspire her is 100% harmless. At least I have temporarily brainwashed myself into thinking that. (lol)

Here’s the deal.

The technique that you are about to read in this report is so powerful it’s insane.

You’ll see for yourself. I’ve had many guys test this out and they all love it.

But first…

If you ever try to change a woman’s deep down beliefs in any way, you quickly
discovered that it is close to impossible. This actually applies to men and women. But in
a few seconds you’ll discover a way of changing her deep down beliefs with ease. In fact
it only takes about 35 seconds to say what you need to say (or to send the powerful

I am 100% convinced that 80% of all guys have used the core principles of this technique
accidentally and unintentionally and either benefited from it unknowingly or was setback

Again this is something that takes about 35 seconds to say and you could easily see the
evidence that it worked in as little as 40 minutes later or a day or a week. But you WILL
know with certainty that it worked.

Here is what you do.

You are going to tell her that you are about to provide her with some inside secrets
about how men really think.

Only it’s going to be done a little more smooth than that.

The bottom line is women obsess over this type of information. You could be a
committed relationship with her for over 20 years and she could know you inside out, but
for whatever reason she will have this thing where she has to know what most guys think
– or the things that men secretly talk about – in an effort to know you better.

I’m sure you already know this. But now you are going to use this knowledge.

We’ll dive into the details of what is taken place, but first let’s jump right into what you
need to say to her. Here is an example:

YOU: [first part] “I was just talking to some guys at work, and we all agreed….

[second part] that the women that are the greatest at turning guys on are the ones that will
walk up to a guy and grab his crotch and say let’s fuck!!!” …

[third part] most women who think they are good at turning guys on will 100% of the
time do what the average woman does which is being passive and dropping subtle clues.
They think they are good at turning men on, but they are not. Secretly, all guys love and
go wild when women have the courage to go against what they normally do — and what
most women do — and just approach guys in a direct way. Me and the guys were talking
about this at work and we all agreed that all women think they know how to really turn
women on, but when they try, they tend to do what every single woman does and they act
passively – that’s the nature and the instincts of the average woman. blah blah blah…”

Are you aware at how powerful this is?

Here’s the deal – it’s not powerful at all if the woman you are saying this to:

does not care about being more than just an average woman
does not care about turning you on
does not care about being perceived as sexually desirable
does not care about what you have to say

If you don’t have the perception that you have sexual value, then get it.

In order for sex to take place (at any given moment in time), you just need to know the
CR James Super Simple Core Seduction Formula.

1. She needs to perceive you as being sexual desirable (you must have sexual value).
2. She needs to be the right frame of mind (at that time).
3. There has to be an ideal (or close to ideal) sexual environment (for you and her).

Let’s get back on track…

If you can go to the supermarket and read those woman magazines you’ll quickly
discover that women are obsessed with finding out what guys really think.
Do you see where I am going with this?
Do you see the connection between that and the example dialog above?
Do you see how you can control this information? (because you are a guy)
Do see how you can insert what you want (or the message that you want to send) as the
secret topic that men discuss?

The example dialog is just one way to sexually profit of her desire to want to know the
secrets of men. Let’s break it down right now and make it crystal clear. Remember part of
the thrill for the woman is the idea that she shouldn’t know this information. All women are nosy.
To be fair I would have said some or most women are nosy, but I haven’t met one that

The thrill for them is knowing this secret.

As a result of this idea that they want to know what they are not suppose to know, these
women’s magazines are racking up some serious money each month.
Let’s look at the first part of what I said to her in the example. This is your SET UP

First part: “I was just talking to some guys at work, and we all agreed…
You can also say something like:
“Years ago, me and a whole group of guys agreed that..
“I was reading a book that explained that guys really..
“Most women don’t realize this, but guys secretly..
You get the point. The bottom line message that you are sending (what you are trying to
get her to think) is that you are getting ready to provide her with secret info about what
guys secretly think about on a particular issue. So the first part of what you say to her is
your Set Up Phrase. You are getting ready to warm up her mind to receive some real
exciting information.

Have you ever been talking to a woman and you can just tell that she has just spaced out
on you?

Well that is not going to happen if you execute your Set Up Phrase the right way. She is
going to be so tuned in that her eyes may even get as large as half-dollars! (when done
the right way)

I’ve given you a few examples, but it is basically anything you can think of saying to her
that is going to let her know that you are about to hit her with some deep, insider, "what
guys really think about” stuff.

All women are nosey.

Women will risk going to PRISON to get some good ole’ Insider-Information.

Very powerfully, you can tear down an irrational belief/perception that she has about
men in general (or you specifically) in seconds by the words that follow your mystical
and magical Set Up Phrase.

You can also send the message (indirectly) of guy’s secret thoughts about certain type of
women – that kind of stuff. Think about what your outcome/objective and then decide
what overall message will allow you to achieve that and then set it up and send the
message. You want her to feel as if she is going behind close doors.

1. Set it up (your set up phrase)
2. Send the message (the secret that you and the guys were talking about)
Essentially it makes it much easier to convince her of something or to tear down an
irrational belief. She could have the popular irrational belief that many women have
about all men being "dogs” (meaning all men cheat). And the words that follow your Set
Up Phrase can tear that down that irrational belief in seconds.


Because women over the years have been brainwashed to except the garbage that is in
those magazines. And you are simply going to approach her the same exact way those
magazines approach her. Fortunately for you, you are going to benefit from the fact that
most women regard the garbage in those magazines as Truth.

And if you combine that with the fact that many women have this thing about them where
they enjoy doing the opposite of what you want, you are going to quickly see the

If out of nowhere you say (outside the presence of sexual activity): Honey could you
please lick my balls? If she has never done this, then she may look at you like you are crazy.

But for some weird cosmic reason, if you say: "All of the guys were secretly talking
about a certain type of woman…blah blah blah…”

And then you create and describe a certain type of women that guys secretly go crazy
over AND THEN you describe a characteristic of this woman (i.e licking balls) to her…

In no time, she is going to have so much hair on her chin that you are going to think she
is the Great Goat-Girl (a circus favorite).

Getting back on track…

The second part is simply what you want to her to now believe (or the message that you
want to send). If she already agrees with your message (that is contained in the second
part), then it will magnify her belief at some intensity.

Have you ever explained to a young child something they knew nothing about and they
give you that innocent “Wow I never knew that. That’s amazing!” look … that is the same
exact look you are going to be looking for when you tell her your second part which we
will call the The Secret Enlightenment. In the example I used:

[second part] “that the women that are the greatest seducers are the ones that will walk up
to a guy and grab his crotch and say let’s fuck!!!” …”

The obvious message is clear. It is important that you are crystal clear. And it is best if
this is an action she can visualize. The signal (or what you want her to think) is that:

Signal 1. Most women don’t know this.

Signal 2. This is how you really turn a guy on

Again you can use it for purposes outside of letting her know what you enjoy sexually.

By nature I enjoy motivating and showing people a brand new perspective on things and
watching them enjoy that new perspective…

For example if I was dealing with a stubborn woman that was plagued with the belief that
all men are dogs and that all men will cheat, I would use this Secret of Men Technique to
get her to visualize a private men discussion where the guys are all talking about just
wanting one good woman.

I do not claim responsibility to why women will accept the alleged conversation of 4 men
at work and take it as absolute law of nature, but all I can is that you will enjoy doing

Back to the explanation – Signal 2 is the specific message (The Secret Enlightenment)…

Now look at part three (from the example script given earlier) which is optional. The
basic function of it is to make your case or to serve to further emphasis what you just
said. It is always best (and this applies to anytime you are arguing with someone, or
showing them a new idea) to use knowledge they already agree with.

Because if you don’t, you will end up in a “branched off” or side/tangent discussion
explaining and arguing a point that you were using to back up your original

In other words, in simple terms you will lose track. You will keep digging deeper and
deeper. And the next thing you know you are arguing or having a discussion about
politics or what bed sheets to buy or what somebody said/meant on some reality show.

So go ahead and do it, have fun, enjoy life, email me the results of what happened when
you tried it. You can do it over and over again. put "Secrets” in the subject line.


Think about your objective –

Do you want her to initiate more?
Do you want her to try new things?
Do you want her to stop perceiving you in a certain way?

Use the language that you use with her. In the example provided I said "that the women
that are the greatest at turning guys on are the ones that will walk up to a guy and grab his
crotch and say let’s fuck!!!” That might not be how you talk to her.

Personally, I rarely curse so this is something that I would not say to my fiancé. I did use
a variation of the example script. When I actually used this technique for the first time I
did it immediately after sex. I wanted to anchor the good feelings of sex with my
comments (The Secret Enlightenment). In other words whenever she recalled the
conversation she would be forced to think about the sexual act as well – on some level of

In my case, I complimented her ability to seduce me by telling her that she should write a
book on seduction because she is so great at it. I was exaggerating. I said that me and a
few of my friends were talking about how every woman thinks they are good at seducing
but only a few are really good at it. I said that any woman can get a guy to agree to sex,
but only a special woman can agree to sex while being turned on like crazy.

Most women are convinced that they can get sex from their man any time they want (and
my fiancé is no exception) so the idea is to create a challenge for her. In other words, it is
not good enough to get me to agree to sex. She has to get me to agree while I’m turned
on like crazy – otherwise she is just an average woman (this challenges her womanliness
– something I love to do)…
At any rate, 45 seconds later she climbed on top of me for Round Two (remember I said
this after sex strictly for anchoring purposes). I considered this a success from the very
beginning, because in 6 years she probably initiated a Round Two under 5 times…

According to my calculations, there is a 0.35% chance she will initiate a Round Two.
(according to my Inner-Geek which I have learned to suppress over the years in my
efforts to enter Purr Palace).

So I can say with confident certainty that my comments re-energized her is a lustful way.
Also as a note, it is always a good idea to compliment her ability to seduce and her
sexual performance. Whether you use this technique like I did, I highly recommend that
you at some time compliment her ability to seduce you – even if she thinks she didn’t do
anything special. In my case, I blew it way out of proportion.

It is simple.

You can define two types of women and then undeservedly place her in the more desired
category and then watch her take on the characteristics later on.

Even if she just lays there during sex. You can say:

"I’ve known some women that just lay there during sex, but you do it with lustful

Just remember to always take her to the next level.

Take Care – And Have Fun!

Peace, Love & Happiness

CR James

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