Bored Women Cheat


Every so often I read something that makes me scratch my head. This situation is one that used to bother me a while back, but then I realized the fault in the logic.

The situation is this:

Guy meets girl who’s got a boyfriend. They mess around. Guy asks me if he should pursue it with this gal even if she has a boyfriend.

Now most “gurus” out there tell you that you shouldn’t, and even if you do start a relationship with her, you’ll always know she’s a cheater. And if you’re not sure, here are some signs a woman is cheating on you.

Well, let’s be honest here:

Cheating isn’t a character trait. It’s an EVENT.

It’s also an event that was usually helped along by the boyfriend being
a total CHUMP and not being an Alpha.

Meaning that a woman may lack the self-esteem to break it off with
her current guy before she’s found a replacement guy, but this is a common
problem with women. Especially younger women who don’t feel “whole”
unless they’ve got a boyfriend.

If you cheat, you’re most likely not getting what you need at home.
Like the saying goes: If you got steak at home, you don’t go out
for hamburger.

So there are two choices – turn what you got into steak, or
move on. Sometimes we need a little help in that “move on”

So the whole, “she’s a cheater, and you’ll never be able to trust
her” thing really doesn’t wash with me.

In fact, I’d bet that over 80-90% of all women (and men, for that
matter), have cheated. The other 10-20% are either lying or are in

The chick you just went out with? I’ll bet she has cheated in the past.

It doesn’t mean she’ll cheat in the future, and it’s not like the
Scarlet Letter. A person should not be branded for life.

Most women overlap their relationships a little. And they
rationalize it away like you wouldn’t believe. So if you were to
ask, you’d get HER definition of the truth.

HIM: “Have you ever cheated on anyone before?”
HER: “I almost did once, but I stopped before anything happened.”

TRANSLATION: “I went down on him in his car, but I felt bad, so I
stayed away from him and didn’t ever tell anyone. That makes it not
cheating. I learned this from a certain ex-president.”

Quite a clever re-defining of “stopped before anything happened”, huh?

There are three sides to every story: Yours, mine, and the truth.

But for some very obvious reasons, it’s very taboo to reveal or
talk about your past cheating. It smacks of “adultery.” (When I was
a kid, I always thought that was a stupid term, and I still do now.)

The reality is that cheating is exciting. It’s illicit. It’s dirty.

And it feels so bad, and so good at the same time. Hey, we’re all
weak in the flesh.

If she’s genuinely interested in you, just set the condition that
she needs to break it off with the old one before you’ll start with
her. You’ll learn really quick whether you are just a fling, or the
real thing.

I did this once in the past, and it works. She dumped him.
I even gave her a little “time,” but you know how that works.
And she was faithful to me.

Everybody cheats.

I have.

I bet YOU have.

Get over it.

The way to cure cheating from a woman is to be so damn Alpha,
she’ll be chasing you the whole time she’s with you. And she’ll
love you for it until the day you die.

That’s why the women I’m with never cheat on me. They’re too
busy working to keep me that they don’t have the urge. I just
make sure they realize that they’ve got a ‘catch’ that they
don’t want to lose.

RULE: A woman that is chasing a man will not cheat on him.

And vice-versa.

The secret to happiness, as the wise have said, is to learn how to
want what you already HAVE

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