Learning to Create Attraction and Seduce Women

Learning to Create Attraction and Seduce Women 

Here is a Derek Vitalio article about the whole idea of the process of learning the art of seduction and
attraction. Its funny cause I sometimes wonder what a girl would think if she found out I have
a web site dedicated to teaching seduction advice. But then I figure. Who cares!

You shouldn’t be embarrassed about the skills you’re using – unless you’re using them irresponsibly. Like all tools, the techniques in my books can be applied for good or bad purposes. Take the guilt test – if you pass, then you don’t need to worry about being dishonest or disingenuous.

You remember in The Empire Strikes Back when Luke has gotta takeoff to help his buddies, but Yoda is all against it, because he isn’t ready to deal with the temptations?

Well, that’s you. Kinda.

I bet there also was a time when you made the observation that assholes got women, and although you wanted women as bad as the next guy, you weren’t willing to become an asshole to do it.

And I bet you’ve had a doubt or two while reading my materials along the same lines.

Questions Are Good

That’s cool. In fact, that’s good. You want to remain active, questioning, open. I don’t want my students just blindly taking what I say for gospel, but instead trying it all out and seeing what works for them.

That means you have to question what’s happening – both so you can refine and customize for yourself (which we’ll talk about later at greater length), and also so you can be open to recognizing what’s REALLY going on. Because as much as I might explain it, some things will only make sense when you try them. And then only when you’re actively thinking about it and being critical.

So what am I saying? Well, this is an extension of comments I’ve made earlier – and I could have easily opened with this, but I wanted to wait until you’d seen some of what is in my books is really about before asking you to think too deeply about it.

Because what I’ve given you here is a number of theories – good ones, ones that work in the real world, not just the psych study ward – and different applications or those theories in practical ways.

In short, I’ve given you some powerful tools.

And, like all tools, these things can be used for both good and evil (pardon the hyperbole).

The Wrong Way

Look, there definitely are guys out there who want to know a bunch of lines, a bunch of routines and techniques, and are basically looking to use them to "trick” girls into feeling something. You can take what I teach you here to do that sort of thing if that’s what you want – just as you can take a sushi knife and use it to extract livers and sell them on the black market.

That’s not what this is about, though.

The Right Way

You shouldn’t be trying to trick women. It might work and you might have plenty of sex – but it’s not going to bring you any closer to a real connection with a woman. And if that’s what you’re after – and I think that, deep down, that’s what most men want, in one form or another – than you need a different tact.

You need honesty.

I’m not saying you need to reveal your deepest fears and obsessions to every girl you like – in fact, I’ve said the opposite often enough that the thought shouldn’t even occur to you.

What I am saying, though, is that you shouldn’t be looking at these techniques as a dishonest attempt to repaint yourself in new colors.

Don’t LIE – just be yourself… MORESO

What we’re trying to do here – cue the violins and brass section – is do a better job PRESENTING yourself. Not lying about who you are, not being false in any way, but just COMMUNICATING in a more POWERFUL and ATTRACTIVE way.

Get the difference? It’s a little subtle, so let me give you a good way to test yourself.

The Test

If a girl found one of my books printed out on your bookshelf and asked you about it, how would you feel?

A little exposed? Hey, that’d be alright. A little sheepish? No worries.

A little like you need to get the girl out of there and never see her again before she digs too deep into your dark dark underworld?

Now you’ve got problems.

If you’re Comfortable, you’re using it right

The thing is, you shouldn’t be embarrassed about this sort of thing. If a girl sees one of my books, you shouldn’t need to cover anything up. You should be able to feel free talking about it, maybe even sharing it (in the case of guys wanting to have a number of primaries and/or secondaries).

Now, I’m not saying you should bring her home and say "Wanna see something cool?” And it also doesn’t mean you should say "Yes, I got this book to help me with women, because I need help with women and I like women so I got a book to help me with women. I like them. I like you.” Ugh. DEFINITELY don’t say that.

But if a woman finds one of my books, you should feel cool saying something like "Yeah, that’s a book about attraction. Here, tell me what you think of this: it says that women don’t like wimpy little yes men, but prefer a guy who’ll speak his mind and not kiss up to her. What do you think of that?”

You can actually end up getting some REALLY interesting responses, and your matter-of-fact relaxed confidence – and LACK of anything like GUILT – will be a major turn-on.

Of course, it’s better to stick with generalities instead of "You know when I was taking your picture? In the book.” That sort of exactness doesn’t usually play well.

But if you’re comfortable with the concepts in my books and newsletters and don’t have a problem talking about them, then you’re probably using this thing the right way.

If you haven’t done so already, take a look at Seduction Science. All four volumes work synergistically to start turning you into the kind of man that women desire. Check them out.


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