Swingcat’s “Good Cop-Bad Cop”

Below is an excerpt I got from Swingcat’s ebook at real world seduction.

It is a great tecnique for playing with a girl’s mind a bit. Part of the art of
seduction is to confuse a girl, and have her constantly trying to validate
herself for you.

Good cop/bad cop:

Have you ever known someone who had a really hot girl act bitchy to him or
not give him the time of day? I know l have. And the weird thing was, instead
of blowing her off, he wanted her more. And the even weirder thing was that
once in a blue moon she was nice to him. You know what: this planted a seed
in his mind that she might actually accept him and he began to desire her to
want him and accept him. He also became fearful of displeasing her.
Poor poor bastard.

Well l think most of us at some point in our career with women not only have
known someone like this, but also have first hand experience with this. Let’s
face it: most of us, to some degree, have been in this position before. So,
most of us on some level know how powerful this can be.

I call this tactic ‘good cop/bad cop’ because you are oscillating between being
harsh and warm towards her. Like all Pushing & Pulling, your harshness or
coldness must lead into being warm, and being warm must lead into being
harsh or cold.

Okay, Onward.

Let’s look at some examples of how girls use this tactic on men:

One thing that a girl might tell a guy is, “I don’t like the way you chew your
food: it is so nasty how you chew with your mouth open. But at least you are
a nice guy who is buying me dinner”. Then she might proceed to point out other
flaws she finds in him. Before you know it, the guy will be doing tons of things
to try and get her validation–very sad.

Another one that l have seen girls do to guys is say something such as: “you
are such nerd, but at least you are nice”. And then the guy will try to prove
himself to the girl: Get her approval. This is another sad case.

God, I am getting depressed just thinking about these. Let’s move onto
something less depressing.

Let’s look at some examples of the ‘good cop/bad cop’ tactic that we can use
on women.

One wickedly evil thing l love doing to a woman, is when doing a cold reading,
I will say: “You know, you come off as a warm person, but you really have
a hard time letting people in, maybe even trusting people. I bet sometimes you
feel like you don’t really connect with people. And for the most part l don’t like
girls like yourself, but you have a friendly smile, so, maybe you will get to
hang out with me. I am going to have to think about if l am going to make an
exception for you. I don’t want my other friends to think l hang out with people
who are creepy”

Women at this point will often times do all sorts of things to try to prove
themselves and get acceptance and validation from you. When she starts
doing this, you are really starting to get her to chase you on an emotional

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