70 by 7 Belief Change Exercise

This is an old simple and powerful technique used to alter the subconscious mind producing very surprising outcomes. This technique is very ancient, so ancient in fact that it was featured in the Bible.

We can use the same technique today fulfilling our present day needs and to program the mind and achieve the abundance/success/frame mindset. It is simple a repeat affirmation process.

The steps to this technique are straight forward and easily understood.

Step 1.

Choose a desire/goal /frame set and write it out as a statement not as an affirmation. To be effective your statement must be short and concise and aligned with your inner desires. Your statement must not contain your future desires i.e. ‘I will be confident around girls’ but rather focus on the present i.e. ‘I am now confident around girls and they always want to talk to me’.

Step 2.

For seven days write out the exact statement that you want to be fulfilled seventy times each day.

Do focus mainly on the statement as you are writing it for it is the statement that is implanting your abundance/frame mindset.

Step 3.

Every time you write the statement, in a separate column numbered 1 to 70, regardless of the response, write the first response that comes into your mind. It can be anything. If there is no response write “no response”. This will allow your mind to free any negativity, accept the frame/goal/midset you desire and/or implanting. This will also present you with the opportunities that may at the time seem unrelated.

It does not matter what comes into your mind it is simply an opportunity to better understand your mind and to release any beliefs and information that may be limiting your providence.

Step 4.

The seventy times must be completed in one sitting and the seven days must be consecutive.

When writing always set a time and place where there will be no interruptions. This will ensure the seventy times is completed smoothly and that your mind remains focused on the task at hand.

The 70 statements must be completed in one sitting and not two consecutive sittings of 35. If you are interrupted in a sitting and have to get up and attend a trivial matter you must start the 70 statements again. Prepare yourself before beginning.

You must ensure that the seven days is completed without missing a day. If you miss a day for any reason you must go back and start at day one.

Step 5

The statement must not be altered in the process unless to polish, clarify and/or improve it. For example, you may write the statement “I am now confident around girls and they always want to talk to me”. You mind may bring up the thought that “but sometimes I do not feel confident”.

Someone close to you may have implanted this in your childhood days. You could then change the statement to “I am now (always) confident around girls and they always want to talk to me”. In the second statement I added the words “always” in order to replace the old negative thought patterns with a new positive and abundant frame/mindset.

Step 6

Examine your response column at the end of the sitting and/or the end of the seven-day sequence so as not to interrupt the flow. It does not really matter. Either way will be appropriate.

Step 7

During the process you may feel emotionally tested. You must however continue and overcome any sabotage patterns. Effort is always a prerequisite of gain.

Step 8

The process should be repeated until the result in the statement is gained or until your initial desire has passed. Do be aware of instructive hunches and opportunities that appear during and after the process. This is what I referred to earlier in this technique as the surprising outcomes.

Step 9

Always leave at least seven full days between each particular subject. It is possible to do more than one subject each day. For example, you may do one on money and one on relationships but do leave seven full days after completion of the process before beginning with the same subject. Don’t mix subjects in the statements.

Step 10

Use a computer, typewriter or handwriting. Either of these is appropriate. I prefere handwriting.

Step 11

It will be easier to keep it to yourself rather than spending energy justifying it to other people. Develop a good frame and become successful first and the techniques you used to achieve this will be so much easier to justify.

Step 12

Make sure when you begin you finish the task. Don’t get lazy half way through but rather remain aware and focused on events and coincidences that are opportunities in disguise and appearing in the outside world.

Below, I have included some examples of desires and/or goals you may wish to use:

I am now becoming increasingly confident, valued and respected by all women that I meet.

I now have many gigirlfriendsnd am forever meeting new girls.

Every day, in perfect ways, I am becoming richer, creative, motivated and much more confident with women.

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