Dealing With Objections and Rejections From Women

Herer is another great Derek Vitalio article. Its about overcoming the obstacles and
test women place in front of you on your path to their pussy.

Dealing with Rejection

There is a simple truth about most attractive women: they aren’t available long. They face a constant bombardment of passes, flirting, and general neediness in men.

Maybe only one out of a thousand guys who approach these women are going to be deemed worthy of their time but considering an attractive woman is probably propositioned by an average of 50 guys a day, it doesn’t take very long for them to find a man.

Add in that a number of them need the affirmation of a relationship, and a number of them see being with the best of the litter  until the next guy comes along as preferable to being alone, and a number of them are just bored, and a number of them want to have a boyfriend as a way to keep needy unworthy guys at arms distance, and a number of them will just say that they have a boyfriend for the same reason, whether it’s true or not you see where we’re going here.

Finding a woman worthy of dating WITHOUT a boyfriend is the rarity, not the other way around.

Because of that, you can’t afford to simply write them all off.

Now that doesn’t mean I advocate poaching another man’s lady. Far from it actively breaking up a relationship is bad for two reasons: one, sooner or later you’re going to wind up VERY uncomfortable when a jealous ex comes after you: and two, a woman who trades up that easily is not the best bet for YOU going forward.

That said, very few relationships last too long, for one reason or another. So when you meet a woman with a boyfriend, feel free to be playful and flirty and do all the other right things you’ve learned by now  but every time things threaten to get sexual, give a sly smile and draw back a bit, saying something about how bad she is, tempting you like that.

But ok, I’m getting pretty involved here; let’s step back a moment and deal with the initial Boyfriend comment.

The rules: be unphased, be funny and cool with it, be, in fact, the same cool dude you’ve learned how to be, but even cooler because she now knows you’re not simply aiming for her panties.

Some examples of responses I’ve used to the boyfriend comment.

Congratulations. I have a dog, but you don’t see me bragging about it.

Huh? (puzzled silence) Oh, I get it. You’re incredibly attracted to me, and scared that I’ll cause you to be unfaithful, so you need to push me away. It’s ok, I’m used to this. I promise not to do anything tempting if you promise not to fantasize about me cleaning your pool. Can’t we just be friends?

Me too! (with a ridiculously overdone lispy accent) We should double date!

(silence, to quiet laughter, to a fun look)You   have a very high opinion of yourself, I see. That’s good, that’s healthy. (more quiet laughter, at which point she’ll give a playful slap to the arm)

You get the idea. Don’t talk to her like a target  but like your sister. Be playful, don’t be scared off, and you’ll get yourself implanted.

Then, once she’s single, she’ll remember you. Bingo.

As for the don’t really know you line, I usually turn the tables with something like this:

Yes, and I don’t know you either. Frankly, I’m a little scared of you I’ve already got too many stalkers to deal with. But if you PROMISE not to follow me everywhere taking notes, I’m willing to give you a chance.

Have fun with it. NO ONE knows ANYONE the first time they meet, so play around with that fact. Talk about YOUR fears to disarm hers.

And when it comes to the don’t want a relationship reaction, you should wait for it PLAY with it.

What, you only want me for my body? I’m tired of being seen as an object, and frankly I’m very offended. You’ve got quite a hole to dig out from now. I have FEELINGS TOO, you know!

Obviously, this has gotta be delivered very tongue-in-cheek.

So what’s the over-riding theme here? DON’T get intimidated, and DON’T act as if she’s trying to break off the conversation.

It’s all part of the game, and if you treat it that way and just go on being your charming self, you’ll do just fine with these objections, and thousands other like them.

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