Online Dating Profile Makeovers

Here is an email I recieved from David M, author of the truly original online dating
course called, Insider Internet Dating. I find a lot of what Dave says to be interesting.
I have not purchased his course, and would like feed back on it from anyone who has.

Online Dating Profile Tweak

One of the biggest challenges guys have with
online dating centers around their profiles.

Why are some guys profiles sleek and
captivating – while you’ve tried everything
imaginable and still feel like your profile
isn’t all that great?

I’ve got good news for you…

First off, take a DEEP breath because your
profile is NOT even the most important piece
of the online dating puzzle! It’s actually
the 3rd most important piece behind the
initial email, and then your photos.

There’s a formula I want you to remember, and
you might have heard me talk about it
before… I’ll tell it to you until I’m blue
in the face:

Mystery = Intrigue, Intrigue = Interest

Pretty simple right?

So what the heck does this have to do with
your profile?


I’ve noticed a KEY difference between the
profiles of guys that have a lot of success
meeting women online and the profiles of
guys that aren’t getting ANY results online.

The guys that aren’t successful usually spill
their guts and let a woman know TOO much
too soon.

Their profiles aren’t REVEALING enough

Quite simply your profile should be mysterious,
causing a woman to be intrigued and wanting
to know more… the more she’s intrigued, the
more interested she becomes.

This is all taking place WITHOUT you having
to email a woman or speak a word to her!

It’s like a spider web.

What’s happening is you’re using a psychological
trigger to activate a woman’s ‘attract’ mechanism.

This ‘attract’ mechanism is hardwired into every
single woman’s brain and it’s been there since
the beginning of time.

I can hear you already saying:

‘So, Dave what does my profile have in
common with a woman’s skirt?’

Just like a woman’s skirt, your profile should
be revealing, not too much, but just enough
to stimulate the person looking at it.

If a woman’s skirt is too short, you’ll look,
but you won’t really be interested in anything
other than 1 thing. If it’s too long, then odds
are you’re not really going to look.

My point is in your profile you want to
convey a sense of what your life is like.

Remember this is the first time the woman
reading it has seen anything about you, so
you want to give her a feel for what YOU and
your lifestyle are like.

Never talk about negative things about your
life or about yourself. Focus only on the

But don’t go into too much detail, this is
where most guys mess up big time.


Some of you guys are going to think I’m
absolutely nuts for saying this but trust
me, this WILL work.

One of the best exercises I’ve found to help
me write my own profile is going through
other guys profiles which live in my area.

I know I know, it’s not something you want
anyone catching you doing so make sure no
one’s around, but when you’re able to see
what the rest of the guys have on their
profiles, and you start to see the patterns
of just how boring they are, you’ll immediately
know if your current profile needs a quick
‘tune up’.

Remember this: one of the best ways to learn
what TO do, is by learning what NOT to do.

A great way to learn what not to do, is to see
what most guys are doing and to NOT do the
same thing.

This way you’re able to take the best ‘gems’
from each guys profile that fit with your
personality and integrate them within your
own profile.


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