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Here is another BadBoy article. I’ve just rediscovered his stuff and have been having fun
going out with his mentality. It makes the whole game just different. If you are unfamiliar with
his stuff you should check him out here.

If you don't have enough girls in your social circle that you can seduce you should start going out regularly and meeting new girls in clubs and bars. It's obviously not going to happen by itself.

Girls operate this way as well; they know that if they don't expose themselves at clubs and similar venues, they will never find somebody. It's very much like searching for a job; how are you going to get a job if you never send out your resum? But of course, in this case the resum is yourself, your image and your attitude.

So the girls?mission is to look beautiful and expose themselves in clubs and to give signs when they are attracted. They are in clubs, because they search for us and need us. They want to be approached. I prefer clubs to any other environment, because the subtext is obvious. They are usually open to socializing and meeting new people and to being seduced if the right guy is there.

Of course, others prefer environments such as city streets or shopping malls, because there's less stress than in clubs. There is no deafening music, alcohol, or flashing lights. So experiment in all types of venues and find the place that works best and is easiest for you.

This is up to personal taste. But wherever you choose to go, make sure there are enough hot chicks for you to approach and seduce.

Some girls go out just to find good sex. They will choose the guy who can give her the best sex that night. To do this they screen guys by body language, dressing style and energy. I can show you how to become this guy on my Live Workshops where we work in the field on real approaches to escalate your game to the next level.

If you never go out and approach them, they will never have the chance to go home with you and they will never have a chance to meet you. So, start going out. Start exposing yourself to opportunities. Many times, I got a girl just by being in the right place at the right time. There is nothing to lose; you can only win. The only thing that can go wrong is for a girl to say no and that shouldn't bother you. It's impossible to win every time. Every good sports coach will say you that you must lose now and again and that you must learn how to lose constructively. Every time you lose you will learn something. It's a new lesson. A new lesson that will prevent you from repeating the same mistake in the future and will make you a better PUA.

Phone Numbers

Lots of guys go out and make the game harder than it really is. They go out and their goal is to get phone numbers and email addresses. Their whole game is base around taking girls contact info.

Then what happens is, they get fake numbers, flakes..etc

Ideally, your game should be designed such that taking a phone number is a last resort. Taking her contact info is something you do because there is nothing more you can do.

Always, always, always try to get as much as possible from situation you have. Don’t limit yourself to phone numbers. Every guy can take her phone number. It's EASY.

Always try to push it as far as it will go. If you cannot get her home and make love to her or have some other logistical problem THEN take a phone number. ONLY then, when you see everything else is impossible. You can learn more about how to escalate the sarge like this on my CD Set.

What a good player aims for is the following: he fucks a girl, and if she is good in bed, he will take her phone number to see her again. If she is not good in bed, he won't take her phone number. Of course, most of you are far away from this point, but its good attitude to have. So remember, phone numbers are the very last thing you should go for. Only when all other options are OFF, then you go for phone number.

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