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Why I Do What I Do

This was something I posted on my myspace blog, but I thought that I would share it with everyone. It is kind of an explanation for why I created this site.


I get a lot of emails. All varieties of them. Some guys write to ask some advice, some guys write just to say thanks, some guys write telling me to get a life, some guys write cause they think I’m the Brazilian girl in my pics, some religious nuts write to tell me I’m going to hell, most girls write to tell me I’m disgusting, but most people just write to find out who I am, or why I sent them a friend request.

Why did I send you a friend request? Why do I bother with this page or my site? Why do I find it necessary to read books on seduction, or employ tactics to get laid? …The fuck if I know!

What I do know is that from a very young age I loved women. Had crushes on my classmates when I was in kindergarten, wanted to fuck friend’s mothers while growing up, started jerking off when I was six, and had my heart broken more times then I could count before I graduated high school.

But I was a slow learner with girls. And my fuck-ups with them while I was young put them in the wrong perspective as I grew older. I had them on a pedistal. I always felt I was looking up at them, and they were looking down on me. I had the habit of developing unrepricrated desire for girl after girl. I mean, sure I had girls that filled in the gaps. But never the one I wanted. The fact was the more I wanted a girl… less and less it appeared to me that I would ever have her. And so that pattern played out quite awhile.

And so I accepted that as my fate for awhile. Life isn’t fair I rationalized. Things don’t have to be even. There will always be rich and poor, the healthy and the sick, the dumb and the smart, and the guys who spend their lives fucking beautiful women and the men that spend their lives jerking off to beautiful women. I was the latter and that was okay.

But it wasn’t okay. I pushed on with my life. I accomplished things in other areas of my life, I dated women I knew I’d never love, I made career goals, had great vacations… overall I had a pretty decent life.

But, it was not okay. Not by a long shot. I felt a sense of shame in myself. I felt an inner void. I felt the ultimate self image killer of personal dissapointment. I was a failure to myself. I was hiding from my fears. I knew it. I battled with it every night I went to sleep alone or with some girl that made me wish I was alone. It haunted me.

The fact that I was willing to go my entire life deprived of having sex with the women I wanted simply because I was too scared or too lazy, or too shy, or too out of shape, or whatever other god damn piece of shit excuse I fed myself to prevent me from actually going out and fucking the woman I wanted.

So one day I said that’s it. And I decided to face my fears and actively pursue girls I genuinely wanted rather then the ones I thougth I could have. I quickly ran into the problem of realizing I had no fucking idea how to handle these girls. I was out of my league. Just like I always feared I would be. But having found personal success in other areas of my life recently, I told my self over and over again that anything is possible if you focus on it, have the right tools, and a strong enough desire to obtain it. And I knew I was focused on it enough, god knows I desired it, so the only thing I needed was the right tools to obtain it.

So I started reading a few books on communication and marketing and power, and I became fascinated with the study of human interaction. I’d read something and then see it take place in actual life and loved the irony of it. It was like we were all acting out scripts that someone else was writing for us. And it was like if you acted this way you got this result, and if you acted that way you got that result. So I kept reading. All kinds of books on self emprovement, nlp, spiritual books, anything I could get my hands on.. And I aquired a great deal of knowledge on human relations. My friends and I began making it a practice of analyzing everything. To the point of exhaustion really.

The funny thing was with everything I learned about human beings I was still clue less with women. It was like this was a whole chapter that everybody seemed to leave out. So my friends and I began making our own assumtions, some turned out to be right, some turned out to be wrong. Now at this point my eyes were awakened. I was at a zen like point of knowing that I don’t know and ready to learn everything all over again.

That is when I found the wonderful thing called the internet. Even if the internet turned out to be a complete financial bust for every company that ever tries to do business on it, what it has done for human interaction with one another is priceless.

The internet is where I found the books I talk about in most of my blogs. These books are not sold at Barnes n Noble or on These books are not written by pschologists, doctors, or famous motivational gurus. These books were written by guys like me. And they were more informative then anything I had ever read in my entire life.

Shit was finally beginning to make sense. And at first I rebelled against alot of what I was learning cause it didn’t feel natural, or felt like an idiot, or a fake, or whatever. But the fact was that I recognized that what they were teaching made complete sense. I watched it take place in the real world. Everything I was being told to do and say was exactly what the guys who were getting laid naturally was doing. I could never pin point it though.

So to make a long story short (or atleast a little shorter) I started going out and using the shit I was learning. And it was working. Not everytime but enough for me to know that I was on to something. So I practiced some more, introduced some of my friends to what I was doing and we got wrapped up in the pick up game. We were out every night, trying different things out, bragging of our successes, over analzying our failures, discussing our weakness, working on our mistakes. And eventually it all clicked.

And this is the point in the story where all the girls reading this post stop -because if you liked me up until now -you are going to hate your self for it!!

I fucked every girl I could. I fucked drop-dead tens. I fucked girls I couldn’t even say hi to five years ago. I went to other countries to fuck their hottest girls. I had threesomes, I fucked girls in public places, with their boyfriends in the other room. I didn’t care what I had to say, what the consquences were of fucking her, who’s girlfriend she was, who’s mother she was, I just fucked them. I never mistreated them, or intentionally hurt them. I was just a kid in a candy store, never satisfied until I tried the next one.

I’m not entirely proud of the way I handled everything. I don’t feel guilty though, I did what I did because I was at a point in my life where that is what I had to do. For whatever reason I could not die a peaceful death until I lived that life for time being. And I lived it! And from time to time I still live it! Now I don’t find it as necessary to prove to myself that I can sleep with a certain girl. I’ve met girls that made me want to believe in the idea of love again. Maybe, I’ve realized that their is more to life then having sex with beautiful women (not much though!)

So the question is -why am I sending you a friend request? Why did I create a website dedicated to teaching this shit? Well, the truth is I want to offer hope to the guys out there who are in the same boat I was in seven years ago. I want every guy out there to see the light the way I was shown back then. I don’t want anyone to have to live with that sense of shame. I don’t want anyone to live deprived. I want to convince everyone that there is absolutely no reason that you can not be attracting and sleeping with the women you desire. Anything in life is achieveable: any amount of money you want to earn, any place you want to travel to, every goal you want to reach, and EVERY WOMAN YOU WANT TO FUCK!!!

God bless the internet!!!

Happy Hunting

Bobby Rio


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