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Another good Derek V article i thought I’d pass along.

Get More Beautiful Women by Derek Vitalio

Our education system, study skills, and ideological training reflect that we live in a capitalist society.

School largely teaches us to be obedient, have discipline, follow authority figures, and how to read, write, memorization skills, and math.

Youre not supposed to speak to your friends in class; if someone is speaking, youre being spoken to by your teacher.

Instead of working socially in groups, you spend most of your time solitary behind a desk.

In other words, school teaches us the skills to be profitable, obedient workers for management.

Meanwhile, we never learn social skills and social intelligence in school “ unless by accident. Youre never taught how to communicate with your peers, let alone with women. There are no classes in how to deal with relationships or romance.

Consequently, most of us come out of school totally dazed and bewildered as to how to communicate with and attract women.

Its no wonder that we find our social intelligence and ability to seduce attractive women woefully lacking.

The Great Irony of it All

TENS of thousands of dollars were spent by taxpayers to send YOU to primary school and high school. And perhaps your parents or yourself spent tens of thousands MORE for you to go on to college. Why?

So that you could get a good job and make money.

But from an evolutionary perspective, the whole reason to get a good job and make money is to attract and mate with the healthiest females you can, so that you can successfully pass on your genes.

Heres the great irony of it all –

Although ENORMOUS amounts of resources were spent to educate you to be economically successful in this world, youre not taught the social skills to translate that economic success into genetic success.

So although you may be able to sit down at a desk and complete a task, you may have no idea what to talk about with women.

Although you may be able to handle the companys customers, you have no idea how to handle a woman.

All the money, material, and career success in the world is genetically worthless if you dont have the skills to speak with women and get laid!

In fact, its all worth absolute shit!

After all, wasnt getting laid with a desirable girl the whole point of doing well in school and making money in the first place?

Okay, given the situation you were born into, what do you do?


Think of yourself as Neo – were about to bust through the Matrix.

Heres the key.

Whether you were born into the ghetto and went to a school where they couldnt afford pencils or whether you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth and went on to receive a Harvard business degree in management

We all received the same, crap-ass education in social intelligence and women!!!

That means when it comes to having social intelligence and seducing women, its a LEVEL playing field.

A broke, average-looking guy who received a high school diploma, works at Taco Bell, and drives an 88 Ford Escort can achieve the same genetic success as the rich, good looking guy who runs a company and has had hundreds of thousands of dollars funneled into his education.

While the guy who was bred for success has his trophy wife “ you can be her lover behind his back!

AND have a super hottie of your own.

Thats why its so important to CONTINUE your education and get the education you should have gotten in the first place “ the education that will truly give you genetic success over any Harvard business degree would.

Consider Seduction Science a continuation of the lifes course for ultimate success that goes beyond money and power “ having beautiful women. (keep reading for part two of this newsletter – “Avoiding Studyitis”)

Without it, you MAY be able to scrape by in the capitalist system we live in “ you MAY even be able to achieve some measure of wealth if you have a little luck on your side and work hard.

But without it you wont be able to get the love and sex from beautiful women you truly want¦ the kind of beautiful women that make this whole life worth living in the first place!

After all, what good is all the money and all those hours spent working if in the end they dont pay off in spreading your genes with the most desirable women?

Whats messed up is that guys who dont see this, guys stuck within the ruling belief system fed to them through school and through advertising “ will keep working themselves to death to buy that new car, get that better job, buy women who dont sleep with them expensive gifts “ and live in a sexual desert, working like slaves… for nothing! or at best for finding a girl they merely settle for.

YOU however have the tools to blow out of that reality and run roughshod over the competition!

Avoiding the School-Taught Trap of Studyitis

Our educational training lets us down in another way.

Its called studyitis and it has its roots in the capitalist systems need for a particular type of worker and the education systems attempt to meet that need.

Capitalists want workers who can sit down and complete a task. They want workers who can identify a problem and come up with solutions. For others, capitalists want workers who can stand at the assembly line or behind the cash register, follow directions, show obedience, and repeat the same tasks over and over. None of these tasks involve much human to human interaction or social skills.

So our education system is heavily geared toward solitary book study.

Youre continually rewarded for solitary book study “ you do your solitary book homework and you get positive feedback “ the coveted A grade. You do your jobs solitary tasks well and you get more positive feedback “ perhaps you eventually get a raise.

This positive feedback loop for solitary, mental, book study is instilled in you since you were six.

And for getting by and making money – it works.

However, when it comes to learning social skills, social intelligence, and seduction, this same method of solitary book study will not get you success with beautiful by itself.

You can become a ladies man by reading books and studying alone.

You need to spend a minimum of 30% to 70% of your time out in the field, approaching women and getting real world experience.

However, a lot of guys picked up a disease from school called studyitis. They spend all of their time indoors reading, memorizing, and analyzing.

They feel like they have to be 100% prepared before ever approaching a woman.

This techniques works well when taking a test or giving a company presentation.

But it doesnt work for approaching and interacting with women.

Becoming good at seduction requires real world PRACTICE in interacting with women. You actually need to go out there and use this stuff. You need to get real field experience.

Its the only way to *fully* rewire your brain. Sitting at a desk all day studying every permutation and possibility of what could happen just wont do it.

So how do you become a world class ladys man?

Sure, you DO need to spend SOME time doing independent study to get the methods, theories and ideas in your head “ so that youre not flying blind.

But you ALSO have to compliment that study with lots of practice in the field. You have to go through the physical and emotional motions for the theories to really cement in your mind and become living, breathing knowledge that you understand on an intuitive level, not just a theoretical one.

In conjunction with book study and field experience, you can also do visual rehearsals and hypnosis.

Through visual rehearsals you re-enact the real, positive experiences youve already had and relive them again and again in your mind. Its like youre hallucinating the positive experience again and again to solidify it. You can even imagine the events in different permutations to try out new techniques in your mind “ kind of like a hallucinatory choose-your-own-adventure book.

Also, hypnosis can further solidify what you learn from study, real field experience, and visualization rehearsals “ by reprogramming your mind below the conscious surface.

Remember, everyones on a generally level playing field with their social and seduction skills “ at the bottom. Pull ahead of the rest of the pack, break out of the Matrix, and get the most beautiful women that you really want. Seduction Science, 2nd Edition and the Masculinity Enhacement Series are your tickets there.

Derek Vitalio

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