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Style’s Pebbles Post

Here is an old post from Style on Mystery’s forum. Although most
of the good posts on there are quite old they are great for guys just
getting into this to read… so i like to post them from time to time.

Using Pebbles for Seduction by Neil Strauss

I’ve been slacking lately in PU, I’ll admit. Getting comfortable with the girls I have, and not going out enough. So I recently just like cut loose half a dozen FBs, and am starting to reorganize my PU routine, get out more, catch up to where I was, and work on the SPs that I never got to.

Anyway, since TD has been the dominant one coming up with new stuff, I’ve been looking over his stuff. And when it came time to put it in my routine, I noticed there was no category for it. TD and Papa sometimes call them mini-cold reads, but they’re NOT cold reads (which are intuitive truisms about someone). They’re not really negs, they’re not really cocky/funny, and they’re not completely c/f role-playing. So I made a new section in my categorized PU ROUTINE list: PEBBLES AND QUICK HOOKS. These are things you use early in a set (often in the middle of a routine or opener) to hook their interest and play with their emotions: the little sisters thing, the PVC devil thing, the Powerfuff line (which TD has been often made fun of but which isn’t even his as far as I know), the shopping line, and all of that. As he would say, they’re to get quick buying temp spikes. You’re just throwing shit at them, like a kid in high school throwing a snowball at a girl to get her attention.

So, anyway, in addition to my routine of openers

, DHVs, negs, and *closes, I now have PEBBLES to throw in to keep her attention, interest, and positive state.

Moving on, also in reading TD’s post, here are some awesome BIG PICTURE ideas that he wrote about. I clipped these out and printed them out, because they’re a GREAT summary of the game and principles that should be internalized to look like a natural:

TD Writes:

Game is really a combination of:
-controlling the frame
-being funny and raising emotions
-being someone they seek validation from
-being someone they think they could gain social status
from being with
-adding energy to the interaction so that the chemistry
takes off
-engaging the girls with almost a hyper focus, so that
the interaction is fully charged (this naturally leads to
phase shifting and sexuality -> think of your last AFC
girlfriend, and how whenever you’d first talk it would
have this sort of hyper focused *energy* where you
were both just totally aware of eachother and your
synpses were firing on all cylinders)
-having the manneurisms, bodylanguage, and vocal
tonality of someone who is desired by women
-connecting at some point
-not triggering ASD by not saying anything stupid about
what is going on

Focus on learning to hold sets without a high energy level. Smoothen out the delivery, and tonality. Subcommunicate higher value with the most precise, fucking smooth delivery possible.

It’s good to be more INTERESTING than entertaining.
Learn to be flirty and sexual, and then to pull back and get them qualifying themselves to you. Learn to be both congruently indifferent, and yet be able to shift to being forward at the same time.
Learn to master vocal projection and how it corresponds to social status. Learn to talk in a way that commands attention instantly. Always be able to convey higher social status by strength of frame. When you talk, know that everyone will stop to listen to you.
Learn to be as alpha and commanding in set as possible. There is NO WAY a set cannot open. All sets will open, and almost all sets will venue change with you. They have no choice, because your frame is just stronger. Tolerate no bullshit in set, tell them exactly what to do.
Learn to phase shift at the snap of a finger. Learn a phase shift so strong that girls will be sucked into it, because your frame is stronger and if you slow down and smoothen out, they will have to also because that’s just the way it is. Learn to excute it at the right time and when its most effective.
And in terms of social intelligence, learn to recognize who is controlling the frame of the conversation, and to be the one controlling it at all times.

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