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Here is an email I got from a girl that I was talking too. You know sometimes this shit really fucks with my life… but oh well. A man has a vision and he has to stick with it!!! I hope you fucks appreciate it haha

The email is a little rough…

Here’s the email in its entirety:

Well Bobby….my weekend was great…nothing spectacular happened but that’s okay. I did however have a little curious streak. Bored one morning I decided to see if you had a myspace and found the seduction bible.. how many derogatory words can I use to describe how fucked up you are? I guess by this point you realize that I have no intention of talking or meeting up with you again. Somebody must have fucked you up considerably to think that you devote all your time to manipulating women, then degrading them on a website to what you call teach men how to sleep with more of them, for the sole purpose of helping…or your own sanity/vanity? It’s kind of sad that at your age…you are no where close to taking a relationship seriously..or another person for that matter.

So, just so I get this straight, one girl you dated, broke your heart, and viola…suddenly you’re this soulless bastard? Well, darling, call me young…call me whatever you like to make it seem illogical that I may not be able to identify with that story, but a man ripped my heart out too. And three years later…it still hurts here and there. But I must be a stronger person than you because I didn’t let my rage eat all the good inside of me. I was mad for a really long time…and now I’ve come to see that it was only meant for the better. But sometimes the better comes with a long waiting line to meet up on the same road. I don’t go through men, I don’t get nasty unless they’re men like you, and I don’t get pleasure out of it unless they’re men like you. Mr. 2seconds to come….men like you…who do not deserve any sympathy in the world, no compassion, no love, no affection of any kind….so you may shrivel and die out, and not mess up more men and women in your path, than you may already have. Guru my ass. Never can or will be.

You’ll probably be one of those guys who makes himself feel better by sleeping with as many girls as he can..even at 48 because no one is gonna wanna commit to your dirty ass unless you lie to them, which I’m sure you’ll have no problem doing. You love women and hate them at the same time don’t you? You keep them close enough to participate in personal favors but far enough so that they may not leave you heartbroken again. I guess that seems logical. What is it worth to have a women close when all that you need is easily accessible with the right words…and temporary…and you have the control to determine how much of it you need….and when it ends…and the technique is reusable so the pussy doesn’t get old. Control’s the biggest thing with you bastards isn’t it?

That’s all your life will have amounted to…sex, travel, exploitation, lies, etc. All because some girl fucked you up and broke your damn heart. And all that bad karma…well I must say…you got a hell of a lot of shit coming your way. Good luck…I hope it doesn’t end up breaking every bone in your body next time. 🙂


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