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Common Pick Up Mistakes

Here is another post from Badboy. I have to admit that I’m starting
to really get into a lot of what he has to say. I would check out his ebook.

Common Pick-up Mistakes by Badboy

After teaching hundreds of guys around the world how to fix and perfect their game, I’ve noticed some common mistakes and sticking points that I would like to point out to you.

Mistake #1
Being Nervous Around Hot Girls

This is probably the easiest sticking point to fix, btw.

Problem: If you are nervous around girls, you will subcommunicate that emotion to them and they will start feeling nervous as well. If that happens, girls will usually walk away.

Explanation & Solution: This is why I pay so much attention to teaching body language. If you make yourself relaxed in set (lean back, lock in), and use relaxed body language, your mind will go into a relaxed mode. The mind will follow the body.

Remember: You can have only one emotion in your body at time. So either you are relaxed or nervous. When the two compete, being relaxed will win, as it is a strong emotional state. Nervousness is very weak emotion. Behave relaxed and the mind will follow.

Mistake #2
Asking Too Many Questions

Problem: You don’t know what to say, so you ask zillions of questions. This is such a common mistake that some methods try to fix it by teaching routines and prepared stories. Storytelling is very important here (to be able to tell a story about anything) but you can learn to do this improvisationally.

Explanation & Solution: Be spontaneous. You can learn to do this. We teach you exercises to give you the power to talk, talk and talk without saying anything particularly clever. We say talk ‘bullshit’ just to occupy her logical brain, while simultaneously you do things like isolate, control her emotions, kiss close…etc. Remember, she can process only one thing at a time.

Remember: Stop asking questions, instead tell a story. You have tons of things that happened to you this week and in your life. TELL THEM!

Mistake #3
Trying to Impress Her

Problem: This is because of brainwashing from society. For some reason, you feel that you need to be cool or have a nice car or money or something else to impress her, so she will CHOOSE you.

Explanation & Solution: First, you must realize that they are not choosing anything. YOU are the chooser. YOU are the one who has the power. A girl can choose only from the guys who approach her. And you can choose whoever you want in the club/street/bar. Whenever you feel like you need to impress her, do the opposite. For example, when she asks what you do, say "I am a toilet seat designer” or "I am a pizza boy” or anything else that will show that you are not trying to impress her. You don’t care! That is the right attitude. Answers do not need to even be funny. The point is to subcommunicate, "I don’t care to try and impress you.”

Remember: Whenever you "try” to be cool in their eyes, you are actually doing opposite.

Mistake #4
Not Approaching/Waiting for IOIs to Approach

Explanation & Solution: Most girls will never even look at you, even if they find you attractive. The more horny she is, the more she will try to hide it and act cool (unless she’s really, really drunk). Girls think about sex as much as we do. But the biggest thing they will do to make it happen is to dress sexy & look hot. The rest of the work they expect from us. You are the one who needs to approach and do your job. And if you do your job correctly, and smoothly, she will spread her legs for you.

Remember: If you don’t play the game, you can’t win. If you just observe the game, you will never learn to play it to win. So step out on the field and start playing game. There is no substitution for this.

Mistake #5
Hiding Your Intentions

Problem: You are afraid of what’s going to happen if she knows why you are there and that you are interested in her.

Explanation & Solution: Be proud of who you are and what you do. Tell girls why you are there. Tell them that you are going to seduce them. Girls love to be seduced, girls fantasize about being seduced. Be honest, be open. They will love you, because they never met someone so bold and full of confidence. You cannot stay forever with the, "Let me ask your opinion,” or "Hey girls, what’s the best club to go to?” frame. At some point you need to go direct. You’ll be surprised how girls react. They will be all over you after you go direct on them. Even if the direct opener doesn’t works for you, (it can take some time to master) go direct somewhere in conversation. Be bold, be super crazy direct. It works.

Remember: Girls are attracted to confident guys who know what they want and feel they deserve to have it.

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