Being Honest With Women

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Try Being Honest With Women by Badboy 

I know it’s hard to say what you really think. This is because everything we say first goes through our logical filter which screens out what is smart to say, or not smart to say.

Usually that filter develops in puberty and is created by societal pressure. You must learn to think for yourself and override this filter. If you observe confident people, you will notice that they are very direct and demanding, which radiates power to others. They think for themselves and ask for exactly what they want. You need to do the same; especially with women.

When it comes to girls, it’s much better to to honestly say what you think and intend rather than play games and send mixed signals. Lying develops mistrust and drama and usually ends badly.

Once there’s mistrust, girls are always trying to figure out whether you are lying to them. It’s normal for them to ask you where you’ve been and constantly check for proof. Like a police detective, her mind will work and investigate all possible scenarios. She will ask why you stayed longer at the office, why you called your female colleague, why you look tired. They analyse your answers, search your pockets and read messages in your mobile phone when you’re are not around. It is difficult to hide anything from them. So you can go one of two ways: scramble to come up with explanations for every situation or just be honest.

Both ways work – but lying only works until you get caught. Unless you are a very imaginative and lucky guy, the honest way is easier and is not likely to hurt anyone. When you are promising monogamy but not practicing it, things get very difficult once you are caught with another woman. It won’t go away without big drama and usually will finish the relationship. If you promise she’s your only one and then begin acting suspiciously, she will look for proof of your disloyalty, making your life hell. And when she gets some, you are in trouble.

Just be honest. Do not make her believe that she is the only one if she is not. Tell her that you are seeing other girls if she asks. You will be surprised by how she reacts. If she likes being with you and you haven’t falsely led her to believe differently, she will rarely cut off the relationship Her logical brain can’t find a reason to leave you or make too much drama because she still wants to spend time with you and you haven’t done anything deceitful. You are simply a high status male who enjoys the company of women, her being one of them in her own special way, and you make no apologies for it. She will respect you for this. And you can feel better for not living a dishonest life.


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