Use What They Give You

The advice Ross Jeffries gives in this newsletter below is more so for those guys out there practicing speed seduction… but the advice really can be related to any method of seduction that you are currently practicing. Also, I’d like to hear from any of you out there who use Speed Seduction. I am curious as to your results!!

Use What THEY Give You by Ross Jeffries

One of the most frequent questions I get is, “What happens if she x’s when I run a pattern?” X could be “laugh” or “look bored” or whatever “negative” response you might think of.

A fundamental principle of any kind of persuasion(and seduction IS a sub-set of persuasion) is, “USE WHATEVER RESPONSE THEY GIVE YOU”.

To put it more clearly, I have a set of beliefs I come from:

1. I never take her first response as written in stone. It’s just a reflection of what she is thinking feeling or believing in THAT moment (or the part of her mind she is coming from) and it is always subject to change.

2. Anything she offers me is just a toy for me to play with.

3. Anything she offers me is just information I can use

4. Anything she offers me is just energy to be redirected

5. She can do whatever she wants: I CONTROL WHERE MY ENERGY GOES.

So let’s say a woman “laughs” at you or with you when you run a pattern.

The first thing to realize is, they are NOT laughing it off. They are laughing it IN. Often times, what you are getting is the laugh of recognition, not the laugh of resistance.

But let’s say she IS resisting a bit. Remember this: resistance is just a sign she is responding strongly to what you are offering and is scared of how strongly she is responding.

What she is seeking is some safety and a measure of feeling a bit more in control.

In that case, simply change the subject. If you are describing an incredible connection, and you see she is in to it, but suddenly she does a 180 and looks a bit uncomfortable, BACK OFF.

Simply change the tone to something lighter or something funny. Point out something going on in the environment around you, “Oh my god, did you see what your cat just did?” Give her a chance to regain some comfort, then go back to the direction you were going.

We call this “fractionation” in traditional hypnosis. Each time you go into a trance and then are brought back out, you go progressively deeper in the next time and the time after that.

The other aspect of this is self-control: keeping your state solid and steady and grounded, even when she APPEARS to be unresponsive or responding “negatively”. Remember, it is the meaning and interpretation you give things, along with how you direct your body’s energetic flow that determines what will happen. The more you can stay relaxed in the immediate present, without referencing your past or worrying about the future, the more you can bring your power and skills to bear in even the diciest situations.

Now, things will not always work out as planned; you will still find situations that don’t go as you like, but you will have stretched yourself into new areas of learning and be more capable for the next wonderful woman (or whacked out witch) who comes your way.

Peace and piece,


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