The Power of Momentum

One of the truest cliche’s out there is “when it rains it pours!” Did you ever notice that all good things or bad things come in pairs, threesomes, and foursomes. Its like, at this time, you are a magnet programmed to attract certain things.

I’m not going to get into the whole cosmic theme of aura’s and divinity and try to explain how it happens. What I am going to say that that there is a strong force called momentum. Momentum is like a wave that begins building and gets stronger and bigger until it finally hits the shore. It doesn’t last long. Sort of like a hot streak at a craps table. You have to ride it out while it lasts. Throw all your eggs into one basket for that short moment.

This is especially true in the world of the inspiring pick up artist. When you are just starting out at this you are going to have your good nights and your bad nights. There are going to be nights you go home, jerk off, and swear you’ll never kiss a girl again. And there will be nights you can’t beat the girls away with a stick. The the thing to remember is that when things are going good -the law of the universe says they will continue going good for a bit… That is why when you have one of those nights where everything clicks, you get numbers, you hook up, you’re the life of the party…. don’t stop. Even if you weren’t planning on going out sarging the next night..GO. Ride that wave of momentum. It is during these waves that you will really fine tune yourself and see the results you are seeking. This is where you program yourself for success.

The same can be said for the opposite. When you’re at a cold craps table in Vegas… LEAVE. When the momentum isn’t going your way nothing you can say or do can change the universe’s intention. In the world of the PUA.. this means leave the bar. Go home and regroup. If you continue to blunder and dwell on your mistakes you will only be programming yourself for failure.

Don’t take this as a way to make excuses and continually say that the momentum isn’t there. The point is to learn when the wave is coming and hop on and ride it as long as you can.

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