A Few Pointers from Dave M on Internet Dating

Other than online dating master Michael Stoute, Dave M seems to be the knowledgeable about online dating. He has made it his specialty. Below is just a short piece of a newsletter I recieved from him recently. He has some good points on busting on girls in emails. Read my review of Dave’s course.

Internet Dating Tips by Dave M

Picture this scenario.

You send an email to a woman…

She responds back.

You send another email asking for her number
(using my 2nd email technique) and she DOESN’T
respond with her phone number.

Ever happen to you tony?


They tend to freak out and their confidence is
shaken because they were thrown a curve-ball.


If you understand, and EXPECT this to happen
right from the get-go, then you’re prepared for what
should happen.

Odds are you get freaked out because she DIDN’T
follow what she was ‘supposed’ to do… which was
give you her phone number.


You’re not sure what to do as a result because
you’re not prepared for this situation — and you
don’t want to potentially ruin anything that might be

So you revert to your alter ego…

WUSSIE MAN, and completely ruin any chance you
had with this woman.

tony, If you do feel the need to revert to your
inner wuss, do this: Slap yourself upside the head
and get back to reality for a second because you can
no longer be a wuss.

It’s VERY unattractive.


And quite frankly you have no reason to turn into
a wuss again because you haven’t placed any value
on this woman… right?

After all, she’s just another email and face UNTIL
she proves to you that she’s worth more.

tony, YOU are the prize, and you need to
make a woman EARN your attention and time.

She doesn’t respond with her number,

WWDD? (What Would Dave Do?)

I’d email her back, only this time… I’D WAIT 3-4

Why? Because lets face it, you don’t want to come
off as needy, insecure or desperate.

It’s all about perception.

I’m punishing her for not ‘Complying’ with what I
asked for — and therefore, I’m not giving her THE
PLEASURE of talking /emailing with me.

Waiting is in your favor, plus it makes her freak
out a bit, she’s wondering what’s going on, if she
messed things up with you, etc.

Wait too long however, and the tension is lost, so
you don’t want to overdo it. (Don’t worry, I’ll teach
you all of this stuff)

Since she didn’t respond with her number, it gives
you PERFECT ammunition to bust on her!


I’m going to assume she emailed you back, and
continued with the usual stuff that most women write…

Respond to her email, but do NOT go into details,
make sure to keep it short and then you can TOTALLY
bust on her for not giving you her number.


Here are a couple of my favorite themes I’ve used
to bust on women in this situation (with great success
I might add).


‘I know why you didn’t respond with your number,
it’s totally cool if you don’t have a phone… we can
talk using smoke signals or something.’


‘Listen, about the phone, It’s really nothing to be
embarrassed about and it doesn’t really change
the way I think of you…

You know, about you not paying your phone bill…

I have an idea, we could start a collection for you
around the neighborhood or something to hook
you up.’


Tell her she just lost 5 points for not following your
last email and she’s blowing it.

When you use the concept of ‘You’re blowing it’
with a woman, you set up the frame of, I’m selecting

Which is very powerful.

Most guys simply give a woman too much value,
and she knows she’s got the guy whipped!

There’s no challenge for her. (Challenge, another
one of the 5C’s)

Try making it into a challenge (in a FUN, cute way),
busting on her for ‘NOT FOLLOWING ORDERS’ is
a fantastic way to do it.

And don’t forget, you can continue doing this shtick
in person too!

Listen tony, what good is getting a woman
to respond to your e-mail if you can’t get her phone

What good is getting her phone number if you don’t
know how to carry on a conversation and get her to
agree to go out on a date with you?

What good is getting a date if you don’t know how
to get to hold her hand, kiss her (or get her to desire

You get my drift.

Having a killer profile — but no killer strategies
when sending out e-mails or making the first phone
call or going on the first date — can lead to
incongruence, which equals dating failure.

You gotta know what to do every step of the way.
And it’s easy when you have my Insider Internet
Dating program.


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