My Craziest Date

Craziest Date, so far...So as most of you know, I have been a pretty avid online dater in the past and had great success with meeting girls from the net. More recently I prefer to go out to bars and clubs, but online will always have its perks. So anyway, Im on I get a wink from a girl who lives in NYC. She only has one picture up, which is usually an immediate red flag, but seems like a [[[HB]]]. So I decide to give her the benefit of the doubt and write to her. We email a few times and then I get her IM.

We start chatting on the good old AOL IM and she starts telling me about herself. In her profile it says she makes over 100K a year so I am a little curious as to what she does but I let it play out. After a few minutes she asks me what I do for a living, after explaining myself I return the question. She replies that she is a dancer. Now of course I was not assuming exotic since there are many professional dancers in NYC. I start prying a little further and then she lets me in on it all.

Turns out she works at the Hustler Club in NYC as and exotic dancer and wants me to come and visit her. Now I know what you are all thinking, because I was thinking the exact same thing. This must be how she gets clients, lurking on match or other dating sites and getting them to meet her at work, where she really works them!

So I call her out on it. I bet you just do this to meet new clients. She says, No, no, I am really on here to meet people. I just dont like waiting and I will be working nights the next few days. Why dont you just come to the club tonight and we can hang for a little. Now at this point I really dont know what to think! Is this just a scam for another horny [[[AFC]]], or is this girl for real? I get her to send another picture, which she does, now making my decision to meet even harder.

Fuck it! I make up my mind to go and see where the night takes me, you only live once and I do like adventure. What is the worst case scenario; I spend some money at the strip club? At around 11 PM I get into the city and head to the club. I drove my car so that if need be I could jet and not worry about public transport. Call her on the phone and get her to meet me outside. It might be risky, but I still want to see how into this she really is. She agrees and waits outside until I pull up.

I see her and I am very surprised on how hot she is. Just like her picture, and greets me with a huge kiss on the lips. I guess that initial attraction was there… Still skeptical about the whole thing I hesitate to stay telling her that I think this still seems shady. She gives me a hug and wet kiss, so I decide to stay. (Shrugs shoulders) J

After I am there for a little and having a drink, she starts making out with me at the bar telling me that she is so into me, almost says the L word! So she is a little crazy, so am I and I figure why not, lets have some fun. She ends of spending the whole night with me until the club is closing. I end up dropping like $100 on drinks and dances from other girls. I throw her like $40. As I prepare to leave she says I should wait for her, but the bouncers and management cant see me outside anywhere.

So now I am thinking, this is where I get mugged or killed right? Not sure what to do and not wanting to blow a [[[HB]]] I decide to wait for her down the street. Its now 5 AM in NYC and I am not in the best of areas. I am waiting 2 blocks away for this stripper who I dont even know is going to show. About 30 mins go by and then I see her walking with another girl. She waves and runs over to hug me.

She actually had me meet her right by her car, although I didnt feel too comfortable getting in with her since she had been drinking all night I caved and got in. She mentions that she would like to smoke and I happen to be prepared to do so and roll one up. She starts the car and we begin driving around New York puffing a bone.

Turns out my feelings were right and she should not have been driving, especially after our smoke. I guess she was trying to show off or something but she was driving like a nut! Running red lights and speeding through side streets, the streets were empty but still freaking me out. I convince her to go back by where I am parked so that I can get my car out of the lot. We make out in the car for a while and then she asks me what I want to do.

Ummm. I suggest that we can go back to my place and hang out for a little. I mean what the hell did have to loose at this point? (It was 5AM already) She smiles at me and says, Well duh! See at this point in my life I had never had an experience as spontaneous as this one so I really lacked some confidence here. Luckily I was able to roll with it and keep my cool, as most people who are successful at anything in life do. J

We go back to my place and bang right away. It felt nice to get that one out, now I was able to relax more around her. She ends up staying over till the next day and we have sex and smoke the whole time. When she leaves I really dont know if I will see her again but I keep my cool and she calls again after work the day after.

Shows up to my place, we order Chinese and continue the cycle again.

Since I was dating other girls at the time, I ended up letting this one go because I saw a lot of maintenance headed my way. Good thing cause I got some crazy call from her a week later saying she was in a horrible car accident and needed me to help her with a car immediately! Of course while another girl was over, fuckin drama.

Why do all the [[[HB]]]s require so much attention?


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