The Tao of Seduction

The Tao od SeductionHere is something I found in the Fast Seduction archives by the PUA Rio (not me) I always enjoy reading his posts and this one I thought was worth reposting here at the Seduction Bible.

I had a day that wasn’t that busy today and while I sat there I remembered
the one thing that women know that the frustrated sexless men of this world
The real and only correct answer to “What women REALLY want”….

All this dates back to January 2001 when I finally “snapped” into becoming a
[[[PUA]]]. That was the time when under severe stress, my mind literally had to
morph itself into a [[[PUA]]] frame. I guess I have been evolving ever since….

Anyway. What I am going to say is going to pretty much encompass every
aspect of seduction. Hold on to your hats….

The purpose of evolution, as we know it, is to breed a race of living things
that span the test of time intact. It’s men that have these qualities that
will ultimately be seen as the ones that women will breed with. Naturally if
we have these qualities we will be at the top of the evolutionary heap, and
therefore the alpha males who get to have sex with most of the women.

Now, what does the meaning of life have to do with this? I mean, it’s the
reasonw hy we are breeding, right?
Well it has absolutely nothing to do with it. There is no single purpose in
life, that is obvious anyway. You are free to decide to do anything with
your life. So there is no meaning to life.

OR IS IT? That being the case, there is our meaning and reason for living:-
to have perfect freedom. (Yes, there it is… the meaning of life Under our
noses all the time). Sorry Mystery, I don’t agree that the meaning of life
is fucking – but granted, it will sure help us in the meantime.

Since people who are totally free last longer – thus it should be that the
strongest men are the ones who have the most freedom. That is my hypothesis.
Freedom is the KEY admiration factor that you can display to a chick. Not
only freedom of body, but freedom of mind. ESPECIALLY freedom of mind… the
ability and confidence to do anything.

A short note:- My friend and mentor told me a story (more like a pattern)
about what his favourite birthday present would be. And as he was talking to
me he stopped for a second and looked at me and said….

“A blank exercise book”

“What?” I thought and as I asked him to explain what he meant by that.
He went on to say that its a completely wonderful experience to given the
freedom to fill in that book as he liked, with no one to tell him what not
to put in it. Starting from the first page and then moving through the whole
book to write a wonderful story that he could put his name to.
“Life is exactly the same” he said. “You are given a blank book and you have
to fill in the pages, from the very first, to the very end.”
“You get to decide”, he said. “So the only thing left to do is……..
start with the first word… make the first move…. decide. You know?”.
He went on… “And so you are free to decide….. So the question remains..
What do you want to do with it? Up to you. Write your story, until you get
to the last page. Then when you finished with your book. Someone will seal
it up, stick your name on it for you, and put it in the library. This is
your life.”

Nice story, but he is a slick PUA as well. You can watch chicks be
mesmerized by him in a matter of seconds. And the admiration patterns he
Guess what he talks about?

All the best PUAs we know or have heard about all have one thing in common.
(Mr Smooth, The Guam Playboy, Taro-san all come to mind)

They live like tramps.

A person being that free from the world of a million things going wrong AND
LIVING is an otherwise hospitible environment TARGETED against people with
nothing and no job MUST be one tough motherfucker! SO DAMN TOUGH that
suddenly he finds himself getting more pussy than the guy who works out in
the gym expecting to get some.

On the other hand, it’s the rich and powerful who have lots of money who
also have a sense of freedom. Money gives people the freedom to do things.
It’s that value that chicks flock to. Whereas the person’s character my not
reveal any aspect of freedom. He may in fact be a tyrant… but his wealth
gets him women because women see freedom in getting their hands on it.

But, have you ever really wanted something and when you bought it, you
really didn’t want it anymore? Notice how the freedom of just *being able*
to buy something was better than the feeling of actually having it?
So unless the rich people of this world are quite happy to go bankrupt and
not care – they will suffer incredible stress and maybe jump off a building
like some kind of failed investor. When you can’t sleep from stress, there’s
no telling what people will do to get sleep….

Incidently it’s how people handle stress that separates the high self esteem
from the low self esteem. Incidently when I fell to pieces from my run in
with the Buddha, my PU sensei said that I was a definitely a masochist.
Simply because when I was in an over excited state, capable of doing the
extraordinary (some would say supernatural) but I didn’t use it but instead
fell to bits and called out to him for guidance.
Ever since then I have begun to see how only a true PUA can only ever be a
Being a sadist isn’t actually as bad as you think. Because sadists really
care about the feelings of their partners, and want them to be a free as
possible. HOWEVER, when it comes to the bedroom, out comes satan himself to
fuck the woman hard in the bedroom and punish her in just the way she likes.

Slowly, I have had to rework my whole attitude to incorporate the
controlling of my abilities – starting with my attitude, and then filtering
through down to the finer points for advanced PUAs. Re-reading and
re-confirming everything for myself that I read and only sort of got as an

Here are my personal attitude pointers. All of them are involved in the
admire phase of my seduction. ALL of them concern showing how much freedom I
have available to myself. This is how you can skip eliciting values in a
seduction. ALL core values stop here.

Completeness – The feeling of not needing to be pressured to change. The
fact that you are complete and therefore a perfect human being means that
you are the highest candidate for reproduction. Therefore you have no signs
of insecurity. nobody is after you, and even if they are, you don’t care.
Just remember what happened to Jesus though….

No sense of purpose – There is no set goal in life to do anything. That is
the goal. So anybody trying hard to give it any purpose will knock
themselves out doing so. (Rio’s going to knock himself out if he
continues!). Somebody with no dream is not going to be apt to change.
Similarly should somebody complete one dream or aspiration in life, he
should quickly find another. Have multiple dreams and ideas. Keep your
imagination going – you will need it. I hope that explains why good PUAs are
good liars, and tellers of bullshit stories. They are not restricted by
Indeed in life, there is more than meets the eye. In order for freedom to
occur, we cannot be limited by the real. And you know what happens once we
have evolved far enough to make the fantasy seem real? Supernatural
abilities anyone? At least that’s how it will appear to you… everyone else
will think you’ve lost it – or have already died. Parallel universes? Are
the crazy people in this worls actually ahead of their time?

People who have to move hard and sharp to avoid harm, or have to take their
problems out on others, or beat others up, or attack others, or be
intentionally rude to you, all have low self-esteem.
When you have no one guiding principle, no mission to achieve with your
life, no feeling of needing to conquer anything, no needing to do anything
much, no wanting anything (See Buddhism), no needing other people for a
shoulder to cry on, not worrying about life or death, you can just live and
expereince and enjoy life itself.

Do not want anything – I mentioned this before. Don’t ask a woman for
anything. The needy do not get fed. The needy cannot survive. The needy are
weak. Weak people fall out of evolution. You cannot need anything, and if
you do you have to blot it out. Take your desire out by the root. Don’t
think about wanting a relationship, don’t desire sex, don’t desire to make
money, don’t seek to control anything or anybody. Make it appear that you
are taking your time.
Instead, talk about the wonderful freedom of being able to do wonderfully
sexual things together, right then, and for no other reason other than
because you are just free to do so..

Do not care – In order to be a tough guy, in the true sense (not in the
sense to kick somebody’s head in), is to be able to withstand things intact.
To keep getting up when things get you down. To keep fighting against things
no matter how bad they are. To never give up. Do not even worry about why
you are fighting or what harm you will do to your opponent. You simply don’t
If you are going to fight – make it seem effortless.
BUT there is a way to evolve even higher than this, and that’s to not even
bother fighting. That involves sacrifice, and quite honestly, to all intents
and purposes on this board, sacrifice is out of the question. You simply
can’t breed when you’re dead – so it’s a waste.
Do not care about your problems. Do not worry about tomorrow. The more you
do not give a stuff, yes, the more likely your “life” is going to fall to
bits – but the more likely you will be able to pull chicks because you are
still surviving despite.

Think of an AFC pummeling up another guy in an attempt to impress a girl.
The girl is going to switch sides and tell the AFC to stop beating the guy
up when she realises that the other guy is not fighting back (He is
considered to be tougher because he appears to women that he doesn’t care
about fighting). Only thing is, she can’t fuck a guy who has broken limbs
now – so while she would have rather been with mr perfect before this
incident, AFC asshole gets to fuck her now.
That’s evolution for you….

In order to not care you have to be devoid of any emotions. It is not good
for a guy to speak about his feelings so much (explains why jocks with no
conversational skills can still land chicks) guys have sucessively learned
to bottle things up because any show of emotion is a sign of weakness. Men
aren’t designed to last long if they worry about their feelings too much.
The trick is to show little emotional involvement in the face of women, with
one exception….

Be happy – If you are not stressed, you will live longer. When you have no
need to worry about things your ability to survive goes up. Then there are
no risks of stroke, heart failure, or any other stress related disease. Thus
women like to be approached with a smile. Always. No exception, unless you
find out that the woman needs a spanking session in bed….

Anyway – the point is, love is freedom. When you love someone you have to
let them them go and do what they want. FREEDOM is the common goal. It’s at
that point when you can accept everything (including the chick) and “Just
See the smile on a chicks face when she tells you her problem and you smile
and tell her “No matter what happens, just … BE! You know?”

Freedom is the ability to choose, without actually having to choose or need

Life, love, and liberty.

The best things in life are free.


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