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Mastering Hard Sets

This article comes from Badboy’s crew.  I am hearing good things about his new ebook. Anyone have it?
Mastering Hard Sets by Badboy

Not every set will go easily. Some will screw with you and not give you any initial signs of Attraction. Deal with it. This is part of the game. In all honesty, some of the hottest girls Ive slept with were completely hostile when I met them. Dealing with shit tests and hostile sets is part of getting good. You need to learn a few things to master this

There are a few reasons girls will act up like this but the main one is that they are testing your frame. They are checking to see if you will curl your tail up and run away to the corner like a wounded kitten. They dont want kittens. They want lions. One of the best skills you can learn is non-reactivity. When you have mastered non-reactivity, you will not respond or flinch at any of the nonsense they throw at you. Non-reactivity shows that you have a strong ego and that you are above her. Whatever she does to try to affect you is ineffective because she is not powerful enough to hurt you. Her shit tests are irrelevant. They amuse you.

This doesnt mean she is worthless or that you dont care what she has to say It just means that she is not capable of shifting your reality or your positive view of yourself. You are a powerful alpha male, not some apologetic chode who hangs on the words of some random girl. You live in your world, not hers.

One of BadBoy favorite tactics to deal with shit tests is to just smile and say, Shhh Im talking, my dear. And then continue on with the story hes telling. When you smile and say it in an amused non-reactive way, the girl will be sucked into YOUR reality. Often she will laugh and be amused by your response the same as you are. She follows your emotional lead. Your reality has won. You have won. You have passed her test. You are now in control.

BadBoy talks a lot about this in the new ebook. The importance of Frames, Power Differentials and more tactics on how to deal with Shit Tests and the underlying dynamics of what is TRULY going on in these situations is covered in great detail.

For more on the topic, I suggest you pick it up when its released later this month


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