If They Had the Balls…

Lately it seems I’ve been getting a little embarrassed to tell people that I have a seduction related website. And not the way I used to get embarrassed… you know, needing the advice and reading books about picking up women. No. That doesn’t embarrass me, because quite frankly anyone who knows me knows I have no problem getting laid by beautiful women.

What has begun to embarass me is the huge influx of sites and books on the topic. It seems that everyone has jumped on the seduction bandwagon ever since Neil Strauss published his book the Game.

Everyone is selling e-books on the subject. What is funny though is Neil was the only one to write his personal accounts. Is it because all of these other so called gurus are better teachers than they are doers?

For awhile Mike Stoute has tried to get me to write a “how to book” And I’ve consistently told him that Mystery, Double Your Dating, the Art of Approaching have already covered what you need to know. Neil Strauss’s book worked because it taught by example.

I’ve decided that if i ever write a book my book will be biography of my life in the pick up scene. I will detail my best pickups and what made them successful. I will use all real life examples of what I did. The only thing preventing me from writing this book is I will alienate alot of the females I’ve been with. Many of whom I still keep in touch with.

I think if all the so called new gurus out there had the balls they would write of their experiences instead of recycling the same old how to crap that is flooding the market.

I am constantly reviewing and reading the newest ebooks out there and there are only a few i recommend. You can find them under my recommended products.

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