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Cliff’s List Newsletter 4/18/2007

These newsletters are always packed with solid information. I often find myself going back into the older Cliff’s list archives and re reading some of the great earlier stuff that has become a foundation for all the new gurus of today. I even posted some of the best in my Cliff’s list archives section of The Seduction Bible.

What I also found interesting is the extrmelely positive review of Magic Bullets. I was skeptical to read it thinking it was just a newly titled Venusian Arts Handbook. After reading this review I might have to check it out.

Cliffs List Newsletter

Have been in shock over the killings at Virginia Tech. From what I have come to understand, the murderer was basically an AFC who couldn’t manage with women and went nuts — murdering a lot of innocent people before committing suicide.SAD! So sad!!!!

Maybe if the poor kid had learned about Mystery Method or Ross Jeffries or Dave DeAngelo none of this would have happened.


The topic came up today with a customer. He is a 72 year old Asian guy who admits he never married or had a woman in his life because he was always too shy. Sad, really.More…

We went out for for sushi and I was thrilled to see every woman in the restaurant was at least an EIGHT. I started off running game on the cute Latina HB9 waitress… which had her ignoring other customers to keep our drinks and our supply of wasabi and ginger topped off as I bombarded her with weasel words, trance phrases, and kino. I noticed that she couldn’t help but “accidentally” rubbing her breasts against my shoulder while refilling the water. One busboy also seemed to notice and started hovering over my shoulder. I figured he was either her BF or brother… either way… 😮

While dining, another server, a young Asian HB8.5, started giving me tons of IOIs… even though I wasn’t in her section. She spent a LONG time wiping down an empty table directly across from me… leaning over just the right way for her top to fall open and her B-plusses to dangle in front of me, jiggling rhythmically as she wiped and wiped and wiped. Funny thing, the table was already clean!

Towards the end of our lunch, a blonde HB9 sat down next to us and it was apparent she was alone. I opened her and the convo flowed nicely. She pulled out her cell phone (same model as mine) but didn’t make or answer a call. She just put it on the table and glanced over at me.

I thought to myself, “This is too easy…”

Things were cut short when my customer got tired of blushing five shades of red every time a woman showed me attention — he suggested that we leave and return to his office. I considered closing the blonde but with the Latina hovering nearby, I decided against it… figuring I could have more fun with her on my next visit. Hindsight being 20/20, I should have just gone for it… and the blonde seemed disappointed we were leaving.

That’s one old habit I still haven’t broken — failure to close even when the opportunity is wide open. Part of my “down time” has been dealing with the underlying reason for that behavior… a work in progress.

Anyway, back at my customer’s office, he was commiserating over the Korean kid who shot all of those people because of his social issues… and in a way he identified with the guy. Considering that this guy is over 70 and strong as an Ox, maybe keeping all those juices bottled up might be a good thing.


I just couldn’t stop thinking that it is SO EASY to just open a woman and engage her without being creepy or skeeving her out… but I guess not everyone has received the “good news.”

I guess that has me looking at “our thing” a bit differently… it can save lives.


Milachku:Lay Report

Hey guys, the way this lay occured was thru something I only recently became aware about. It was thru a concept known as slow track. I believe BradP (he’s the man!) was the first to post something about this concept on the advanced board of mASF. Here’s the link if you’d like to read it: are some of the basic points about it:

-the point of pick up is to lay more women and in a shorter amount of time than typically required
-women are trained by society to sabotage any attempt that could lead to fast sex
-after getting her number, you only talk to her occasionally possibly hinting and then flaking at plans
-when you do see her it’s actually less than once a week
-a month can go by and you have only seen the girl maybe twice and talked to her a hand full of times because plans get broken (and you don’t make a big deal out of it)
-when you do isolate her finally, her perception of the time you have spent together will be distorted into thinking that you’s only to be done OCCASIONALLY. You should be busy in your life sarging and having other women thus making you congruent with this method. This is why this method is recommended for intermediate level guys. Advanced guys are probably doing this already given the nature that they probably have MLTR already and will flake on new women.

With that said here is the report.

The night started with me and my buddy m_style going to a house party. There was this little cute (but nothing that special) Columbian girl that’s into me that wanted me to come. I use her as a pivot and such. Although I didn’t feel like closing anyone there, the party still got me in a high energy state which served me well for later in the night.

We leave the party and head for Upper Club on St-Laurent (in Montreal). Now my energy is high. Don’t underestimate the power of being high energy. So I’m just doing my thing when I noticed a blonde girl checking me out. I just keep doing my thing when I accidentally bump into a guy and he drops his drink. Turns out that blonde chick knows him and asked what happened. It was her excuse to come talk to me. I apologized and bought the man another drink.

I started chatting up the girl a bit, but it was loud so I just started dancing with her. My energy was high so I started singing some of the songs in her ear. They love that shit. Now here’s the deal about her. She had a bit of a big butt, her hair wasn’t done up and her clothes weren’t too flattering. But I go to my buddy m_style and tell him “if this girl lost a few pounds, did up her hair and wore some nice clothes… she’d be hot!” So let’s call her HBfixerupper.

I’m dancing with her again and lean in close like I’m gonna kiss her. She tells me to slow down and that she is not going home with me. I take a line straight out of Toecutter’s arsenal by telling her, “Look at you… thinking about sex… you slow down! I’m not that easy!” She asks me, “Oh you’re gonna tell me this?” Iâ’m like, “Ya… I’m not sure if I wanna sleep with you yet because I don’t even know you…” She was surprised by this… oh yes… she was surprised. The rest of the night was alright and I got her number. Who would have thought you can pick up chicks in a club??? ; )

We text back and forth, chat on MSN, then about a week later I agree to see her at work (she works as a waitress while in school). I bring a friend and visit her at work. It was busy so she didn’t have much time to talk although I could see she did make the effort. I talk to her about doing something after work… but nothing definitive. (See what I said above about slow track.) So I will call her or she can call me I said.

Later that night I’m on a day 2 with some other chick I met on the internet (btw a lot of these hot chicks I meet off the internet have real issues’). HBfixerupper calls and asks what’s up. I tell her that I’m really tired and that we can do something another time. She echos this that she is also tired (rrrright…).

A few days later I ask her if she wants to go out to dinner. She comes to my place but as soon as she arrives I tell her that we’re gotta leave and so I don’t give her a tour of my place. This was to peak her interest for when we return.

So I take her for supper at a restaurant. That’s right, I took her to dinner at a restaurant and took care of the bill. I let her take care of the tip. I went thru my routines, my value elicitation and my qualifying that I typically do followed by an SOI(Juggler style) to her. She actually did say some things that showed me that she is a very enlightened individual.

I bring her back to my place and give her the tour as well as showing her videos on my computer. She also demonstrates some of her judo moves that she learned some years ago (I do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) and before you know it, we are on the floor making out. I bring her to my bed to make out some more. This is when she stops me and tells me that she better go home. It really seemed like she made up her mind so I tell her ok.

Next day I send her a text message. No reply.

I talk to my dad (who is a natural, by the way) and he tells me that I shouldn’t waste my time with her. I got 2 other women already as part of my MLTR so a woman like this will waste my time. If she is interested, she will contact me and when she does offer her to come over.

Some days go by and I get a message from her saying hi. I respond asking if she wanted to come over.

No reply.

So more days go by… might have been like 10 days since I last saw her. I get another message saying hi. I ask her how she’s doing. She responds that she is ok. I don’t respond after that. About 5 minutes go by…. and then she calls. She cracked. She saw me as higher value and that I was NOT gonna chase. We have a nice convo and leave it at that not really making any plans.

The next day I chat with her on MSN. I ask her if she’d like to come for dinner on Thursday (also happens to be the weekend of her birthday). She asks me if I’m gonna cook her dinner. I tell her that I am making dinner for myself and that she can have whatever is left over. She laughs and agrees.

Thursday comes… it’s been 2 weeks since I last saw her, I have only talked with her on the phone once since and it’s already been a month since I first met her. This is what slow track is about… Now I figured maybe she is a conservative girl and will require a lot of gaming when she comes over. So I plan out this elaborate scheme that involved sexual value elicitation, repeating trance words along with self anchoring followed by carefully planned and structured LMR tactics….

Well she comes over… and I notice something… she’s lost weight! Turns out she has been exercising the last 3 weeks. She’s also more tanned! Her hair is fixed up! Her boobs (which I didn’t realize she had) were popping out of her little halter top. Holy crap! A girl whom I would have originally rated as a 6 or 7, now comes into my place as a legit 8 or 9! And I don’t give out such high scores as easily as some of my other friends do… Man had I seen her like this the first night we met I would have been intimidated to even start talking to her! HBfixerupper indeed!

Well that’s not even the icing on the cake… we get to my couch and start making out. She tells me it’s her birthday this weekend and she wants to go wild. I tell her that I give her permission and that I will take good care of her (thus taking responsibility for whatever happens). She liked that response so much she turns around and shoves her boobs in my face. I figure, well she is probably gonna tell me to stop pretty soon… I’m kissing her chest some more… well she is probably gonna tell me to stop any second now… I’m sucking on her boobs… she is probably gonna tell me to stop in T minus 5… 4… 3… um… she is not stopping me… and now she’s taking off her top! Holy crap! This hot girl is seducing me! This wasn’t in the plan! And all my game I prepared… out the window! I actually felt like I was losing control over the situation being in such disbelief…. such disbelief that I had performance anxiety!

Now Mystery does say that if you build enough comfort with a woman after proper DHVing and qualifying she will seduce you… but I forgot about that and was trying hard to get control over the emotions I was feeling. I did the deed with her but it still felt like it could have been better…. and now I see the power in slow track. It made her feel like we have known each other for a long time (in her mind, for a month and not one night) despite only being alone together only once before and communicating a handful of times thru text messaging and MSN.

Quite the report… and now that I’m possibly adding a 3rd girl to my MLTR, I’m realizing that there aren’t enough hours in the day and days in the week….

p.s. some would think that since she is looking hotter now she might get a little full of herself. The reality both me and Marvi (of the Montreal Lair) agreed on is that she will end up attributing her looking better as a result of having me in her life. This works very well in my favor.

Carlos Xuma Dating Advice Coach for Men I was genuinely intrigued when I opened Frank B. Kermit’s book “From Loser to Seducer.” You see, this was a take I hadn’t seen in the PUA materials thus far – a blow-by-blow (no pun intended) recounting of a change in mindset. As an advisor in this field, I find myself almost distancing myself from the awkward memories of what I once was to what I am now with women. Frank’s courageous take on this gives an enlightening and original approach to understanding the trans-formative mindset. I especially like the way he marked time with a powerful metaphor of starting his age from the day he was ‘reborn’ into a new mindset and manner with women, choosing to reset thecounter to zero and begin again. Frank succeeds in giving a very personal and intense recounting of his life experience and psychological state during perhaps the most painful parts of a man’s life – at the moment of breaking away from the boy-man we can no longer be, and taking the leap of faith that I teach to men – to move on to the next level of life – to a powerful man’s Alpha Manhood. Frank mixes in his “Frank” wisdom and insights along the path and gives the reader a genuine understanding of the pain … and the pleasure of self-actualization.

To get your copy, visit

Review of Savoy’s Book | Magic Bullets

I wanted to take a minute and give you the lowdown on magic bullets. I figure if you’re looking at this, then you must have already considered getting Savoy’s book, so I want to make sure you don’t make a mistake. Here’s the rundown…

Until recently, the Venusian Arts Handbook was the “Gold Standard” in pickup and seduction manuals, and since that’s been retired, Magic Bullets has been propped in its place.

Does it needlessly replace the VAH?

At first, I thought it would just be the same book with slightly different wording and packaging…maybe some prettier pictures and such, etc…

I was completely wrong! And here’s why…

This book has COMPLETELY REINVENTED that book and GONE THE EXTRA MILE. The book isn’t as overly scientific in its explanation, (though the underlying psychological power is still there) and easier to understand for the beginning student of seduction methods. BUT…

It simplifies the hardest to grasp concepts from the Venusian Arts Handbook. After you’ve gotten your copy, I think you’ll agree that you won’t have to struggle with complicated seduction theories anymore.

Another great thing about this book, you’ll find, is it’s MORE LINEAR & STRUCTURED as a whole. YOU can go from A to B to C and chart your progress while you measure your success in a step by step way. Magic Bullets also has a quick start section for the newer student making it easier to get started today. Now comes the BAD part…

Actually, it’s the WORST part. Can you guess what it is? No?

It’s THIS RIDICULOUS SALESPAGE! It doesn’t do the book justice…at all. I mean…

The only thing I like aout it is the section where he lists what you’ll learn, chapter by chapter.

In closing out, I’d like to say that this is probably the best eBook online at the moment. If you’re just starting out, this will be the book to learn “the game” from start to finish. If you’re an old pro, this is a handy reference manual to help you refine the game you already have.

Buy Magic Bullets

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