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A Seduction Cheat Sheet

Below is just a refresher on a lot of seduction related advice. Its worth reading just to get back to basics. Sometimes thats all you need to motivate you to go out and approach some girls!

Seduction Cheat Sheet by Scott Bolan

Real Sport Experience China Martial Arts AcademyIn my Martial Arts Academy years ago, I had the pleasure of training many a cop and soldier. They were the best of students because they took it very seriously. They knew damn well their lives depended on their ability to handle an attacker, as their jobs put them in danger on a daily basis. But there were also practical normal Joes who would come in and say “Andrew I don’t want to earn a black belt, I just want a few moves that will end it quick.” And y’know, you can’t blame them for wanting to get to the bottom line and close the deal quickly. So with that in mind, and a salute to the “normal Joe’s”, I’m now going to give you the Unfair Lighting-Fast End-It-Quick Instant Seduction moves, free of charge! Is that fair? Okay, then.

1. Be comfortable, and don’t give a shit. Just MAKE CASUAL COMMENTS ABOUT ANYTHING AROUND YOU – it may be a book, a funny-looking person, a shoe, a dog, any object you both can SEE. This is also known as “small talk” and it can lead to really big things! (by the way, if you’re having a hard time with “being comfortable” I’ll show you in the next email or two. In the meantime, you get it through PRACTICE! You weren’t comfortable the first time your rode a bike or drove a car, right? But, with practice…..)

2. OBSERVE her responses to the comment, NOT YOUR DESIRES OR FEELINGS (get out of your own fucking head, okay?), just be “clinical” like a Doctor or Scientist observing a subject or experiment. Look for: skin tone, breathing, tonality, body language. This is called your GUAGE (it tells you how fast you’re going & where to go)

3. ASK QUESTIONS THAT EVOKE FEELING! For example, if she says she’s studying law at the college, ask “Really?! Why do you like that?” Or, “is law important to you?” Now, if she really likes law, she’ll “light up” and gush about it – FLASH-MEMORIZE what you see here: vocal tone & tempo, skin tone, breathing, eyes, body language, state.

4. Use what you’ve memorized as a map – when you SAY THINGS THAT CAUSE THE “LIGHT UP” RESPONSE, keep going! If you say things that take her away from the “light up,” then shift and re-direct and get back towards it. It’s almost like using a metal detector – it beeps louder the closer you get to the coins in the sand, right? In the same way, you’re “beeping louder” the more you see the “light-up” response occurring. 5. ANCHOR YOURSELF to the “light-up” response. For example, if she’s gushing about “justice” and “fighting for the oppressed” you say “absolutely” “I like to stand up for people who need help” etc etc

It’s called “agreement yessing” and it works real well! Notice also if she expresses disdain or has a condescending attitude towards something. Subtly “share” that disdain. In this way, she subconsciously finds in you an ally/friend/like-kind, and like-kinds like to “mate” with like-kind! Making sense so far? Okay, now

6. DURING A MOMENT OF “ANCHORED LIGHT-UP”, after there have already been a few, Assign More. By “Assign More” I mean Go For More! Key here: DON’T ASK. Do not say “would you like to go out sometime?” NEVER DO THAT.

Remember, Never Ask, Always Assign. Assign “more with you like a teacher giving a student an assignment! Got it? You might say “Hey, we should talk more about this. What are doing today?”

Do you see the difference? Instead of “Do you want to…?” it’s “WE should….” That way, when a question is asked, it’s not a “yes or no” question. “Do you want to go out sometime?” can be answered with a “yes” or a “no,” but “What are you doing later?” cannot be answered with a “no” It has to be answered, and usually gives you feedback you can work with!

Why DonAlso notice how I used “what are doing TODAY” because it never hurts to go for more “right now” if it’s there. If you don’t use “right now” it may have been there, and you missed it! You never know if someone may be ready right on the spot, so always allow the opportunity without pushing it. Simply allow for it, so if it’s there you don’t miss it!

If “right now” isn’t there for her, she’ll give you “later.” That’s okay too. Or, if she gives you the cold shoulder, that’s great! You STILL got something! What did you get?

Progress: Every “no” brings you closer to a “yes.” No time wasted! And be oblivious to “rejection.” Your only response should be “Next!” and “Yay! I’m one step closer to a Yes!”

Practice: the more you do something, the better you get at it.

Performance Analysis: no matter what happens, always review and critique your performance with these questions:

1. What did I observe?

2. What did I do with what I observed?

3. How can improve next time? What will I do differently next time?

Before you know it, you’ll be an old pro with more women than you know what to do with, until you find “the one!”

Tactical notes:

1. During the conversation, always use “Inclusive Languaging” such as “let’s” and “we” that sets you TOGETHER.

2. Use TSL! What’s TSL? TSL is Target-Specific Languaging! For example, your “target” was a law student, a bit more intellectual in a serious study. So it’s “we should talk more about this.”

If she was an “undeclared major” and more of a “casual college girl” then the languaging would be “Hey, we should hang out. What are you up to today?”

Notice the differences:

“Hang out” vs. “we should talk more”

“What are you doing today?” vs. “What are you UP TO today”

Okay, that’s your lesson for today. If you had only this to work with, if you simply practiced it, you’d “win your streetfight” and take home the prize!

While it may look simple, there’s actually ALOT going on here. The key is to simply practice it a few times.

You’ll also notice I don’t have you memorizing phrases and whatnot. While those can be helpful and fun, the fact is if you understand these principles it would work if she was deaf and you didn’t have vocal chords.

If you study what I’ve said here, you’ll see just how dynamic it really is! It’s almost unfair! And yet, is it wrong? Absolutely not!

In fact, it’s the best thing you can do for the other person – finding what they like and moving toward it, and moving away from what they don’t like. That’s how two people can find an immense amount of happiness together, very quickly.

And remember “Target-Specific” in your clothing, languaging and mirroring.

Mirror their ATTITUDES with your TSL and Assign More!

I just gave you the bottom-line deal-maker in that last sentence.

Try it, you’ll be amazed.

NOW for those of you “cop and soldier” types who simply must have Mastery Level, Martial Mastery is for you. Through it you discover how to Get Anyone To Do Anything You Want Anytime, Anywhere, and how to Dominate Life like a Pit-bull.

Click here and grab your set now and I’ll even throw in a stack bonus CDs that will put you on top of your game very quickly! Is that fair enough?

My next email is on “towards and away anchoring” that will give you a secret advantage spelled out in exact detail that you can use on anyone for anything.

While you’re waiting, go on over to Yates’ site and read all about Martial Mastery and what it has to offer you, okay?

To Your Success,

Scott Bolan

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