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How to Work a Club

How to Pick Up a Girl in a Club

by Sebastian Drake

Key for all of this is being comfortable in your own skin. You need to be able to carry on a hell of a time even if you’re not engaging anyone for a period of time, or just spending time with friends. But if you do it right, it works a charm.

One quick, easy to explain application:

“Prime Real Estate”

Prime Real Estate is an area in a nightclub where you can be seen by everyone, sit comfortably, and there’s just the right amount of space for others to sit near you. While sometimes these areas are reserved for people getting bottle service, surprisingly often you can spot places that serve as Prime Real Estate in good clubs.

Prime Real Estate Game

Okay, this takes some skill. Dress well, slightly flashy before going out, and make sure you’ve refined your nonverbals so you carry yourself well. Get down solid eye contact and get a totally “deadly” looking walk (I’ve got 10 new articles coming on refining your nonverbals to you in the next two months, so look for those).

Remember to smile. Good, you now look like a very high status guy to observers.

When you roll into the nightclub, I want you to quickly open about 1/4th of the people there. Just rapid fire, use genuine interest openers and implicit direct as defaults.

“Hey, I saw you standing there and had to say you look absolutely radiant…”

“Y’all having a good time tonight?”

If the person reacts really well, introduce yourself before moving on. Otherwise, do a quick wave and leave. You’ll suffer literally NO rejections if you do this right, since you’re moving on so quickly.

Now, go grab your prime real estate, ideally with a friend you like to talk to. Throughout the night, as people you talked to walk by and glance or nod at you, wave them over and talk to them a bit. Also talk to interesting people who sit down next to you.

When you get to a girl you really like, get introduced to her and her friends, and (and you’re going to love this):

*Walk the “Key Friend” through the club. The key friend is the one making decisions for the night, and it’s pretty easy to spot once you know how. I’ve got some info for you on that in a few days. By walking the Key Friend through the club, she’s going to see you getting patted on the back, nodded, and greeted by all the people you met, and ideally, you can introduce and hook her up with one of the guys you met. If not, that’s okay – return to Prime Real Estate and someone will come by.

Also, remember to have someone hold down the Real Estate while you’re up and moving around… by definition, it disappears quickly if you’re gone long.

If you play this style of game right, you can literally do no approaches after the first 10 minutes, suffer 0 rejections, and get quality girls fairly easily. Just remember, the most beautiful women tend to come stand close to you instead of re-opening you, so if a girl is standing near you it’s usually a call to open her. Just gesture for her to sit down next to you: Your value is already sky
high, and who doesn’t want to sit down next to a high value guy where they can be seen by everyone the guy knows?

Glad to be in touch with you – keep playin’.


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About Sebastian Drake One of the founders of Master the Vibe, Sebastian brings a background of public speaking and social science to Master the Vibe. He blends social science with his background as a writer and poet to help men use language to create unique, powerful, distinct personal images.

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