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Neil Strauss Explains the C vs. U Shaped Smile Routine



C and U Shaped Smile Pics by Neil Strauss

I came across a blog by Neil Strauss about his routine C vs. U shaped smiles. I chose to re post it here because I believe that a lot of people are confused as to what is meant by c and u shaped smile.

Over all I would be skeptical to use this routine. If its a girl you’ll never see again, then fuck it, go for it… but if its a girl in your social scene who gets hit on a lot then you run the risk of exposing yourself as someone who uses canned lines.

I think a smarter idea is to understand the theory of why this works and create your own routines in a similar manner. One of the most common questions I’ve gotten about the book came out is, “Will you go for coffee with me if I promise not to ask you too much about pickup?”

The second most common question is,”What the fuck is a C-shaped smile?”

They’re referring to a routine I came upwith, which Papa used to help land Paris Hilton’s phone number in The Game.

The shape refers not to the lips or mouth but to the teeth.

A C-shaped smile is one in which someone’s row of upper teeth are shaped like a C. It’s a wide smile, with many teeth showing in the front.

This is the classic smile you see on thecover of People magazine. It’s said to beperceived as a friendlier, warmer smile.

Britney Spears has one:

Now a U-shaped smile is one in which just two or three teeth are seen in the front, then the teeth run straight back. It’s somewhat reminiscent of a horse’s mouth.

It’s said to be perceived as unfriendly.

No offense to anyone who has a U-shaped smile,because I think the theory is horseshit and say so when I present it.

However, many celebrities it turns out have had their teeth actually reshaped surgicallyto a C. One of them I even wrote a book with.

Christina Aguilera didn’t have that surgery. She has classic U-Shaped Smile where the teeth show mostly along the sides of the mouth rather than in the front (She also has a better voicethan Britney Spears, so there is some consolation):

Hope you’re happy now…

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  1. Seraf24

    January 8, 2008 at 5:53 pm

    I know this routine helped papa land Paris Hilton, but I can’t use this to land any women! Just about all my pickups have come without using this routine, but the way people use this routine is sounds like gold!

    Does anyone have advice on delivering this routine?

    I think the way I do it, it sounds kind of random. The responses I get are, “oh really,” or “wow….” as if they don’t really care or are not interested.

    If anything, this routine can kill a conversation for me.

    Any advice on using this routine correctly?


    • Guey

      July 31, 2011 at 7:18 pm

      You have to use it, and move on. You have to ignore her response. It doesn’t matter if she likes or dislikes what you’ve said in this routine. The point is to let her know that you’ve noticed some thing about her, and these are the things you can assume about her. If you’ve read “The Game”, Papa doesn’t stay on it, in fact, Paris seems to not really care that much either. 2 or 3 words in the whole thing. Papa realizes this and takes it to another stupid little personality test.

      It’s all about how all of your routines work in conjunction.

  2. Marla Singer

    March 22, 2008 at 11:53 am

    stupid bs.

  3. MikeStoute

    March 22, 2008 at 2:04 pm

    Someone sounds bitter about something. At least give some real content and feedback.. lol That’s like me going on your blog and writing:

    dumb slut.

    (but then not explaining how I came to the conclusion of you being one, just an example of course)

  4. alphakay

    March 22, 2008 at 2:38 pm

    lol Mike.. For someone who has the same number of comments as Seraf…

    I’m not accusing anyone, but it does seem fishy…


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