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Using Openers With Confidence (for the aspiring PUA)

I just got back from a morning meeting. It was my first time at this new business networking association that I joined. At the meeting they have what they call a sixty second commercial for each member. This means that all the members have to stand in front of the group and give a short infomercial for their business. Well, as much stood there and rehearsed my “opener” when it came time to deliver i stumbled a bit.

Opening girls for me now is easy, but I felt a little bit out of my element opening a bunch of 40 year old business men and women. I knew what i wanted to say but when it came time to speak i lost my train of thought and went off on a tangent. This used to happen to me a lot when I first began opening sets a few years back. By the time I would actually open the girls I built it up so much in my mind that I fucked it up. Delivery was okay but then the follow up blows it.

This happens to everyone. The great thing about the meeting today was that although I felt I stumbled a bit… no one probably noticed because they were all sitting there rehearsing what they were going to say in their own minds. The same goes for pickups. Remember no one is judging you. People, girls included, are much more interested in how they look in a situation.

Anyway, I got this email from Christian Hudson of Master the Vibe. He answers some common questions regarding openers. One of the intersting thing he discusses is how to smoothly follow up an opener.

Being Confident with Openers by Christian Hudson

I’ve been trying to push my comfort level 20% in terms of being
more sexual, and I’m slowly making progress. I feel a little
bit out of character doing so sometimes, but I’m pushing for it

Two quick questions that i’ve encountered in the field:

1. When using a compliment/direct interest opener, how do you
follow up the conversation and get it started? Most of the time
Whenever I do it it’s kind of like: Ex:

Me: Hey I saw you standing over here and I have to say I really
like your style, it’s really fun and crazy.

Her: Oh thanks. (smiles)

Me: (awkward pause) Ummmm…So where are you from?

Then things start to go slower, she looses interest and
eventually one of us bails. Any suggestions on handling this
sort of scenario. I really like more direct stuff and want to
get better.

Word-For-Word Lines For
Getting Girls

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