A Review of the First Episode of Mystery’s VH1 Show “The Pick-up Artist”

I’ll be doing a review after each episode of Mystery’s “The Pick-up Artist.” I’d also like feedback from all of you on how you think the show was, who you think will be named “the pick-up artist” and how you think this game will affect the community. Feel free to leave comments below.

MY REVIEW of the premier episode of The Pick-up Artist:

I thought the intro to the show was awesome. Mystery really is a pioneer in the PUA community and really took the whole science of seduction to the next level. Everything said about Mystery in the intro is absolutely true. Say what you want about the guy, I don’t think there is anyone out there that doubts he is a TRUE pick-up artist.

The introduction to the contestants was done okay. I think that they did a good job of selecting a wide variety of guys. Here is a list of the 8 guys that will start the show.

Joe D.- He’s the fat guy that always becomes the friend. In Joe D’s first pick up attempt later in the show you see a little bit of why he falls into the friend category. He has that air about him that says “big cuddly goof.” I liked how Matador made the distinction between Joe D. and the other fat guy in the club. The other fat guy had a sense of style or “avatar” that exuded fun, confidence, and relaxed playfulness. odds to win 20-1

Pradeep- He’s the annoying indian guy who talks to much, and just has the irritating know it all quality to him. I don’t sense him lasting long on this show. Later in the show at the club, Pradeep winds up opening sets of guys. This wouldn’t be so bad but the guys weren’t with any girls. All he is doing is joining the pack of hungry wolves. odds to win 40-1

Spoon- He’s the Asian guy who look like Hiro from the show “Heroes” His main downfall seems to be how uncomfortable he is around women. Well, I’m sure thats most of the guys down falls on the show. I like how the PUA’s made the comment “he’s waiting for the perfect moment” anyone with experience in the bar/club scene knows that there is no perfect moment in the bar/club game. I know from experience that when you wait for the perfect moment you wind up getting desperate and hungry and 2 am and are completely off your game. Spoon’s conversation with the girl in the club was just uncomfortable to watch. He’s my dark horse pick to win. Not my first choice but I wouldn’t be to surprised to see him pulling out the upset. odds to win 10-1
Alvaro- He’s the Spanish guy full of energy. The talks the talk but when he gets to the club he pussies out big time. I think we’ve all been him at one point. Being there at the end of the night hating yourself for not approaching anyone. I’ve been there and I feel his pain. He has potential though. If he can get over his approach anxiety I see a bright future for him. odds to win 5-1
Fred- He’s the 45 year old virgin. In the club he opens a set, he has enthusiasm but drops the ball by bringing up a depressing topic like Katrina. No chance in hell this guy is winning. If Mystery turns him into a pick-up artist it would be a miracle. But the guy just seems to want to find the right woman. I’m sure Mystery can help him succeed in that. odds to win 100-1

Scott- He’s tall blond stuttering nerd. This guy gets under my skin to. This idiot goes for number after like 3 sentences in the club. I guess he gets an A for effort, but to me it was a cop out. It was like he was saying “give me the rejection so I can get this over with” I think Mystery will change him nicely, but I don’t see him making it far in this competition. Odds to win 25-1

Joe W. He’s the gay Owen Wilson wannabe. He reminds me of a guy I knew in college who claimed he didn’t get girls because they were intimidated by him because they thought he was too pretty and gay. Long story short…he turned out to be a flamer. Joe’s pick up attempt in the bar went pretty well. He opened a two set with “I like your sense of style” he must of read The Art of approaching! Anyway he ignores the friend and him attempt fails. Joe seemed to be pretty comfortable opening women, which is the most important thing for a PUA. I see bright future for him assuming he doesn’t come out of the closet mid way through the show. odds to win 4-1

Brady- He’s the Brandon Flowers looking guy who feels inadequate around women. He opens a set and doesn’t do that bad, but lets the thread run dry. A mistake all of us make. The guy seems pretty comfortable talking to women and didn’t seem to have any hangups that most of the guys have. Just a gut feeling but I’m picking Brady to go all the way. Odds to win 2-1

At the very least these guys get to live in an absolutely sick house. I wonder if that was similiar to the Project Hollywood experience.

The highlight of the show was when Mystery, Matador, and Dogg hit the club. Mystery really has a celebrity like Vibe to him. Its easy for us to say its because he is famous. But the truth is no one outside of the community really knows who he is. He attracts that kind of attention in a bar because he’s that damn good. He has girls googly eyed over him.

This was my first time seeing Matador and I’m pretty impressed. He’s got a cocky suaveness to him. He never seems to using any kind of canned routine.

Dogg annoyed me a bit with his approach. You can only go so far with the “buy me a drink” approach. I know from experience that it will get you some attention but you best have the ability to back up your cockiness.

I will say that many many of the communities time tested favorite routines will be destroyed by this show. If you watched the preview from up coming episodes all of those routines made famous by Style in the Game are being used. Trust me these routines are dead. To me they’ve been dead for awhile now. But guys were out there using them and they were working… but no more. Girls talk. This show has ruined the routine.

But there is a lot more to being a PUA then routine. Hopefully the show will show us that. To all the guys complaining that the show will ruin the community or expose it, or are bitching that too many guys will no the secret. I think those guys are GREEDY bastards probably not getting laid only concerned about themselves. I’m all for guys learning this. And it will only force me to take my game to the next level.

Today’s show was decent for a premier episode. But I think as the show develops it will get much more interesting. I have high hopes for the show.

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