Mystery Vh1 Pick-Up Artist Episode 2 Review

Well. I just finished watching the second episode of the Vh1 show “The Pick-Up Artist” I’m not a fan of reality tv so there are a lot of things about the show that I find corny…(eliminations, immunity challenges, medallions,) but I understand all that stuff is in there to add an element of drama. If not, the show would just be a one hour Mystery Method workshop. Which would really blow up the community. Atleast in the format that the show is being done in, most girls will not really pick up what’s being taught.

The show begins with Alvaro recounting his shame over last week. Man, I still feel for him, as I have been in that position and know how bad it sucks. He didn’t read yesterday’s post.

Mystery comes out and I’m glad to see that he appeared a little friendlier in this episode. There is no reason to make him seem like a dick. Most people would agree that Mystery is very personable in real life. I know there trying to give him that Donald Trump “you’re fired” type feel, but I don’t think its necessary.

The focus of the show then goes to peacocking. Mystery, Dogg, and Matador introduce the concept of creating a “avatar.” This post gives you some back ground on the art of peacocking. This post gives you some examples of gear.

The guys all set out to change their look.

Brady (my pick to win) -bleaches his hair blonde. And basically pretties himself up. Still reminds me of Brandon Flowers.

Scott- Puts some blue in his hair and would probably not have looked bad if he was a little more comfortable with his new look.

Gay Joe- Adds some earrings. tight pants. and a funky hat.

Fred- Looks ridiculous in his Sesame Street gear

Alvaro- Looks like something out of a cheesy 80’s movie

Pradeep- mixes a little too much for Mystery’s taste

Spoon- Does a good job of adding accessories with going overboard. If you can pull of the tie look..go for it!

Fat Joe- Looks like the goofy fat frat guy

Spoon wins the competition. He would have been my choice to win as well.

The next part of the show is the part that I think most of you are scared about. WIll your openers no longer work after being exposed on the show. Here is a key point to remember… You already know the openers.. you are paying more attention than the average person. They’ll forget these openers because they are not studying this shit. You are. Trust me. I’ve used the same opener twice on girls and have had them forget. If you’re smooth and coming from a place of inner confidence.. it won’t matter what you say. If you’re looking to learn some more openers to practice, and even to learn how they’re created, check out the awesome book The Art of Approaching. It contains a shit load of openers to help you get started. Trust me the girl probably haven’t heard it.

LIsten, I’m not all about canned openers. I rarely use them unless I go completely blank. But they were a big part of my learning process. They gave me ammunition before I learned to improvise. I wouldn’t be scared to use canned stuff. Don’t use it on girls you see often because if they have heard it… it will be embarassing. But what do you have to loose using a line on a girl in a bar. If they’ve heard it before… laugh and try to turn that into your opening. Worse case scenario you walk away. Rejection is only as painful as you make it.

What I find funny is some of these guys say that they don’t want to rehearse and use that stuff. Then what the hell are they doing on the show. Trust Mystery you fools!!!!!

In the club:

Scott blows his opener by stuttering his way through it. That was rough to watch.

Brady uses the dental floss opener to success

Fred stumbles through his opener.

Gay Joe uses my brother’s favorite opener “the montel williams” opener. Man, my brother has used that to success more times than I can count. He got called out on it once… He said he felt stupid but then used it again on a different set that night and closed. NO loss!

Fat Joe beautifully opens a 5 set. That was a classic open. He seemed completely comfortable.

Pradeep- (please just elimate this annoying deush bag already)

Alvaro- opens with some break dancing. I’ve got friends who try shit like that. IT never works!

Spoon- Faces some extreme anxiety then opens a set with “is it cheating” opener. Haha I’ve used that so many times in my early days. Now I ask that question because i generally wan’t to know. I wouldn’t be pissed if my girl was fucking around with another girl.

Fat Joe justifiably wins immunity.

The elimination section was next. I’m not a big fan of the elimination concept but so what. Im not the producer. Anyway, Spoon gives up. He blames it on not liking the club scene. Keep telling yourself that buddy. Its just an excuse for not being able to overcome your fears. Mystery said it best, “everyone had the same fears you do, they do it anyway.”

All in all, I thought this weeks episode was entertaining. What most of us have to remember is that we are watching the show with prior knowledge of most of this stuff. I’m curious to hear comments from guys out there seeing Mystery and being exposed to the PUA community for the first time.

If you’re new to this and want to learn the method of Mystery I highly recommend checking out the book Magic Bullets. It is everything you need to know to begin.

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