Keith Urban’s Lesson on “Peacocking”

Yes… Bobby Rio got dragged to the Keith Urban concert last night by his girl. I will say, the place was chock full of pussy. The ratio had to be 10-1 in favor of women. And all the girl were all giddy and horned up prime for the taking. That guy knows how to wet panties. A fantastic place to sarge!
What I did notice about Keith was that he was sporting a Mystery approved Peacocking outfit. It was a simple yet classic look that can be purchased for under $60. Looking at famous rock stars and actors is a great way to spruce up your look and find some great additions to your wardrobe. This is Keith Urban’s “Avatar.” He has a variation of this outfit on at all times. And it works well for him.
Keith Urbans was a simple combination of black v neck shirt, eiring, a wristband, belt buckle, dog tag, and tight jeans. Here is a demonstration of how simply that look can be achieved without leaving your house.

A cool black V neck t shirt is something you can wear anywhere and never have to worry about it losing its cool. Its stylish and easy to add accessories to. I own three of these and wear them all the time. Plus they’re cheap!

A pair of cool jeans. Also never goes out of style and can be worn anywhere.

A wristband. This is a cheap simple addition to an outfit that brings attention to you without going overboard. If you look at most famous people at some point you will see them wearing one of these.

A cool belt buckle is essential. I can’t believe how many guys don’t take advantage of adding a belt buckle to an outfit. Amazon has a million of these so I’m sure you can find one that fits your style.

A simple necklace. This is not meant to be flashy. Its just something that will hang in th V neck. Something as simple as this one will be fine for these purposes.

There you go! I just created an outfit for you that can be worn anywear an you’ll be money baby…


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