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The first time you get in a fight with a girl that you are dating, and I mean a real fight not a little bickering, SHOW A WILLINGNESS TO WALK AWAY.

This is crucial because this will set the tone of the entire relationship. Personally I advise avoiding relationships all together, but unfortanately a lot of guys get sucked into one with their first taste of good pussy.

If you must get into a relationship than do your best to maintain control. I know it will be hard.. especially if you really like the girl… but if shit its the fan and she wants some time “to think.” Don’t gravel back. Give her the time.. then tell her you want some time. This will reverse it on her. Trust me. If you beg her back the first fight you are handing her your balls to keep for the long haul.

Show a willingness to walk a way from any girl at any time. This will prevent you from being walked all over, and will make you more dersirable to girls.

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  1. Seraf24

    September 15, 2007 at 5:26 pm

    Is there a difference between “Walking Away” and “Pushing/Driving/Scaring her away?”


  2. Bobby_Rio

    September 15, 2007 at 8:46 pm

    Yes, The attitude you should be conveying is not mean spirited.. its “take me or leave… I’ll be okay one way or another.”

    If you want to push/drive/or scare her away.. the way to do that is call her constantly, tell her you love her after a few dates, and tell her she can’t hang out with her friends… that will scare her.

    Walking away simply means “playing by the rules you set fourth for yourself.” This works in situations where she is unsure what she wants. Not in situations where you fucked up. If she is unsure if she wants a relationship with you.. the way to make her want it is to walk away.

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