My Worst Cheating Stories (part 1 of 3)

Volley Ball girl got weak and texted me yesterday. I reponded but was brief and made no mention of hanging out. Needless to say, as my Halloween Party approaches Saturday, I am having nightmares of her showing up and going psycho on my ass. While she’s given me every reason to believe she’s a normal, stable, mentally healthy girl… you just never know.

The thought of being exposed as the cheater I am had got me thinking back to some of my worst experiences with cheating… either being the cheater or the one cheated on. I put together a list of some of my more memorial stories involving infedelity. I’ll be continueing these stories the next couple days leading up to the party.

1. Sophomore year of college I had been going out with Jillian (who you might remember from this story) for about a year and a half. As I grew into my role as sophomore stud I began scanning the campus for some wider pastures. Wider pastures came in the form of a blonde named Tracy. Tracy looked and acted like Ali Larter’s character in Varisity Blues. She was ruthless about getting me and didn’t give a rat’s ass that I had a girlfriend. In fact that’s probably the main reason she wanted me so much.

There was about a month of heavy flirtation before I made the move at a mixer one night. After that we continued sneaking around until my girlfriend started getting suspicious. I layed off for a little while, and after getting in a fight with my girl, called Tracy up for some fun. A few nights later we had a little party at the house I was living at. My girl and I were still fighting so I invited Tracy over. My girl’s best friend was going out with one of the guys who lived in the house with me, so me and Tracy had to sneak around all night.

At one point Tracy drags me into the bathroom. We start making out in the bathroom and things are getting pretty hot. All of the sudden we hear the voice of my girl’s best friend waiting in line to use the bathroom. Now, everyone and their mother had suspected me and Tracy of fooling around so there was no way the two of us could walk out of the bathroom together with my girl’s friend standing there. So Bobby uses his brains and lays down in the tub and pulls the shower curtain across so that that he can’t be seen. Tracy exits the bathroom. Carrie, my girl’s best friend enters the bathroom. I hear her squatting down to take a piss. Every thing was completely cool… except that I got curious and wanted to sneak a little peak at her privates. Well, I slightly lean my head towards the open space in the curtain for a glance.. And Carrie spots me!!!

She went off on me calling me a spying, voyeuristic pervert. She proceeded to tell eveyonne in the house how I was watching her pee. I had to suck it all up and blame it on alchohol. Luckily with the amount of alchohol consumed in that house on most nights things like that are forgotten quickly. My girlfriend wasn’t so understanding about me watching her friend pee. Thankfully, by sacrafising a little of my dignity I was able to avoid being caught cheating. I don’t know what would have been worse?

2. At my Halloween party 2 years ago I go dressed up as a bunny rabbit. The most kick ass costume cause it had all the girls all over me. Who knew? Girls love bunnies!! The entire night I walking aroung The Fucking Man. I feel unstoppable. The party is a hit. The girl’s are all over me. Suddenly, an Indian girl Sami, who I had always kind of wanted to fuck back in college starts flirting with me hard core. She starts telling me how she used to want to hook up with me really bad, but couldn’t because she knew my ex. Without even hesitating I grab her by her hand and lead her to the back of the bar where there are some boothes. I lay her down on one of the booths and start making out with her. Right in front of everyone I start sliding my hand up her skirt.(she was dressed as a naughty cop) All of the sudden I feel someone tug my shirt and then say “get up” I figure its the bouncer stopping us before we fuck in public. The guy grabs the girl by the arm and pulls her off me. I say “what the fuck?” He says “she’s my girlfriend”

To make matters worse… A few minutes later I walk into the bathroom in my bunny costume to take a piss. The guy is peeing directly too my right. A minute later my brother walks in and says “Yo, you should take Sami home and fuck the shit out of her… she’s all over you.” My brother has no idea that her boyfriend is standing right next to me. There is an awkward silence.. A few minutes later I see Sami getting dragged out of the party by her boyfriend. How humilating to catch your girl making out with a grown man dressed in a bunny costume?

I’ll be back tomorrow with some more of my worst cheating stories.

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