The Best Way to Practice Talking to Girls

If you are relatively inexperienced with women then you need to practice talking to them. There is no two ways about it. You can read every article on here, listen to all our podcasts… but the only way you will get better with women is to practice.

There are many different areas that may be holding you back. Possibly you are having trouble creating attraction, making women laugh, or maybe you just don’t know how to escalate to the next level. These things are all achievable. But the key is practicing with a handful of women so that you learn to develop the skills you need to feel natural in the company of girls.

We’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… inner game is the key to success. Developing an attractive personality that resonates confidence, playfulness, maturity, and sexuality is one hundred percent more important than learning a few routines.

A major part of developing inner game is getting comfortable with yourself in the presence of women. Many guys go out and build a great life for themselves financially and spiritually, but isolate themselves from women which prevents them from growing socially. A well-rounded man can handle himself with grace in any social situation.

I titled this article The Best Way to Practice Talking to Girls… and here is the answer. Create an online dating profile and actively interact with women on these sites.

Online dating is fantastic for many reasons; these sites are filled with women looking to meet men, you can interact with many different women at once, rejection is a lot easier not in person, your profile is gaming girls even when you’re not logged in… these are just some of the many reasons.

The major positive factor of online dating is that you WILL get dates. Almost every guy I know who has put himself on a paying internet site has gone out with at least a few girls from it. These dates, which are usually proceeded by phone calls and emails, are a fantastic way to build your confidence, and get more comfortable interacting with women.

I am not claiming you are going to meet your dream girl online. You probably won’t. But you will meet a handful of women who you can learn more from a few dates with then you will by reading the latest ebook released by random guru 25.

There are plenty of sites to choose from. is probably the best. It has the largest selection of women and is the most trusted and reputable. American Singles was popular. Okay Cupid is a free site that you have no excuse for not placing a profile on. While I feel the paying sites are better, why the hell not have another fishing line in the water with Okay Cupid? If you’re Jewish than J-Date is probably you’re best choice. My Jewish friends clean up on there. If you’re up for a little adventure try Adult Friend Finder. There are mixed opinions on AFF but for $20 why not make up your own mind?

While I think it is easy enough to meet women online without any extra help, if you’re completely new to online dating or for some reason aren’t having great success than I would recommend checking out Dave M’s Insider Internet Dating. It is a top of the line program.

Any way you look at it you should have a couple profiles up. It cost you the same for a month on one of these sites as it does to buy a few beers in a bar. Which do you think you will get you more dates?

Get your feet wet with Okay Cupid because it’s free. But then get your ass on of of the paying sites.

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